Perfect Drift - ATA's Newest Game

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  1. Lol u guys are so offense
    You guys are complaining about them making a new game trying to make guys are saying devs are greedy...EVERY GAME DEVELOPER IS GREEDY!ITS HOW THEY MAKE MONEY! These are probably the best devs I've seen on a mobile game...on other games I see ppl saying that the devs are great and those devs are waaaaaaaaaay more greedy than our devs
  2. xbox/PS game developers stick with one game and fix bugs?no they make new games
  3. You're welcome

  4. They do both
  5. Class game :) fully got my support on it
  6. The CoD franchise. CoD4. Ahem.
  7. Can't get past tutorial.
    Name's Drift
  8. What about Smash....?
  9. Wtf man no Apple?
  10. Hate you kaw! Why no iOS! ;-;
  11. Is S.M.A.S.H. Ever coming out on iPhone?
  12. I've sorted out the issue with app crashing during 1st mission loading screen.

    I didn't have enough ram.
    I stopped a few long running and cpu intensive apps like fb and fb messenger.
    Also, restarting your device helps.
  13. It's not coming up on my android tablet
  14. Hey if you suck at every other game genre, try racing games.
  15. it's not a bad game. Look me up (Krelek)
  16. You piece of **** devs I really ******* hate every single one of you pricks I really hope you get hit by a car. (Rip FC)

  17. Ive tried all that and still crashes.
  18. I need SS's.
    Is your device low end?
    I needed more than 350mbs of ram to enter the race animation.
  20. Someone is mad, take a seat.

    Think about how worthless your life is.

    Done? Good now get the **** out of forums.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.