Perfect Drift - ATA's Newest Game

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. Amen
  2. I can't find it and I have android
  3. iOS has more customers than droid

    Nooby DEVS lol

    Looks crap anyway tbh

    Update lb XD
  4. Devs, you guys are kinda putting your eggs into too many baskets here. You guys have to focus on one game before making 3 others. That is why GaW and FC failed. You guys have to give a game the attention it needs in order to adapt it to the community's wants before shunning that game and moving onto a new one.

    ^if that didn't make sense, basically:

    Dear ATA, please focus on your current games before going off and making new ones. That is why 2 have shut down and we at KaW aren't very happy either.
  5. Needs fixing, stuck on tutorial as app keeps closing everytime i try to race!
  6. Only android lmao, talk about rp. All android users are scrubs
  7. When can we expect an ios release?
  8. Shadow - its part of good business practice to spread your eggs around in multiple baskets (a little double entendre there). Nyuk nyuk.

    But seriously though. Thats why they say "dont put all your eggs in one basket." Because if it fails you lose everything. Spread out your risk to minimize it.
  9. Eh that's what my mom told me 7 years ago when I put all my money into apple stock.

  10. Yes, but they are spreading themselves too thin, I believe.
  11. I honestly think theyre gonna milk us dry n send us to pasture. They need our money to pay for these new games and theyll let us slowly die out. Smash looks like Clash of Clans. This looks like probably Asphault 8.
  12. That was a very risky move.

    Taking on risk is ok for startups but ATA is now a mature company, and it needs to continue diversifying.

  13.  rate it high guys, ATA needs the business apparently...

    Stupid ass apes, not a single brain cell in the entire company over there.. This is your bread and butter, fix the issues here before diverting even more resources from kaw to another fail app...

    You guys are losers
  14. What is your opinion based on?
  15. Says the guy still playing their games.
  17. They have already shut down 2 games. Much of the KaW community isn't happy. They should be busy reworking SMASH and KaW, but instead they create another game.
  18. This is like if Bethesda released a NASCAR game  
  19. Not to mention dont wanna sound mean devs i love kaw but comparing geaphics i c there n asphault 8. Ill try this for u....then ill delete it n go back to asphault same day. Asphaults hi def n awesome.

  20. Not nearly as much as I used to.. Now hurry up cheese you missed a spot on the apes ass
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