Perfect Drift - ATA's Newest Game

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. Yes, but with a social aspect. Something that other games in this category are lacking.
  2. Good luck with that, ATA. Looks like a big copyright infringement on all the current racing games out already, but hey.. PIMD got hit for patent suit and it survived.

    I wouldn't expect this to last 6 months. The money you've used on development and marketing for this game, could have been used to pay someone to fix PvP battle list drops you promised last January.

    Don't expect too many people to support this, canibalization of your current KaW customers to Perfect Drift would only hurt the KaW community.
  3. Not bad dev's nice to see our money is being used wisely thought it would of been on kaw then creating another game.
  4. It's pretty good so far gj ata I'm on the galaxy s4 and the frame rate lacks a lil once this is fixed I'd give it 5 stars
  5. People are so hurt by business decisions...
  6. I think it's called "trial and error". Idk though, I'm dumb.
  7.  Well... Let's give it a shot!
  8. The world is a huge copy right infringement. One person does something, 7 other people do it = saturating that game market..

    Obviously, ATA hasn't infringed on anything, I mean, 5yr company. 

  9. What
  10. Just make KaW available on PSN with some fruity extras and you'll make a killing. 
  11. Its about time something is reserved for Android and not crappy Apple.
  12.  Good luck ata, hopefully this game pans out for u guys then u can suck the money from people that play racing games.
  13. Makes me wonder about the longevity of KaW.
    Should I purchase more nobs?
  14. My lil brother mite like it
  15. Um... No... Android is not for noobs... Android is for developers and people who like yo have a good phone and is built on Linux, it is also one of the most popular operating softwares
  16. Why KaW Comm, shouldn't you be promoting the game? :lol:

    fail troll

    Also this is my 200th Forum post!
    Celebration time yay!!!!!
  17. I see what u did there, very tricky u trickster
  18. And maybe the last forum post due false quoting! Celebration time yay!!!!!
  19. Perfect Drift is actually a great game ^_^
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