Perfect Drift - ATA's Newest Game

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  1. Perfect Drift, the latest game by A Thinking Ape is now available on Android devices worldwide!

    You were once the fastest racer in the world.
    But that was before a mysterious accident thrust you to the bottom of the rankings.
    Now you don't remember how to raceโ€”or who to trust.
    Race old rivals and new enemies to regain your memory and unravel the mystery of your accident.

    • Race your way through a wide variety of unique cars
    • Go head-to-head in adrenaline-fuelled races
    • Challenge other real life racers worldwide
    • Upgrade driving stats for maximum speed and handling
    • Fine-tune and customize your fastest cars

  2. Android only ๎
  3. Is this another freemium app?
  4. Oh the cities look a lot like S. M . A. S. H.
  5. Fine tune and customize your fastest cars I'm guessing yes
  6. Sorry to inform you this.... But you should bring a newer and better version of gaw and fc back. Not a racing game .__.
  8. Installing :)
  9. Wish it was on iOS too
  10. Its downloading now :D
  11. ios please?
  12. Cant wait for the IPhone App
  13. Just downloaded it, Android > iOS
  14. Have u been watching too much Tokyo Drift?
  15. Dont care.. Try do a whole other genre of game on all devices
  16. But I thought that they just made an app that failed not too long ago...

    Either way, I'm sticking with Asphalt for a racing app.๎’
  17. Theyre trying new genres of game to find their sweet spot.

    I would prefer it if we got a rehash of kaw in RTS fashion with all the richer clan structure stuff. But ill check this new racing game out when it comes to iOS.

    Although im sure the RTS war game genre is already pretty saturated...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.