People Who I Think Make This Forum Better

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Imitation-Cheese, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. i couldn't care less about attention. I do however like to inform you idiots how stupid you sound on a daily basis.
  2. The irony
  3. I disagree. You're his favorite today.
  4. Why does no one use gifs anymore? Or am I just to old-school for that?[​IMG]
  5. Too old school Caribou.
  6. You're still around? :lol:
  7. Who's this ashes nub? Lel
  8. If I don't recognize the name, it's probably not worth mentioning.

    Having that said, I'm not familiar with half the list.
  9. I almost laughed when I read that. Then I thought, "what if he is serious? That wouldn't be funny. That would be sad and pathetic."

    So i laughed about that instead.
  10. I love you, word. Extra homo :lol:
  11. I farm OP for not mentioning my name
  12. OP sct 0/2 dang it too strong for me. I burn more of her scout pots later when I regen
  13. This guy is really trying to comeout of his closet. 
  14. This irrelevant idiot pnz for trying to pump his chest on my thread.
  15. I had to come out the closet. ....there wasn't enough room for both of us
  16. He was inspired by the transgender movement, and moved to San Francisco.

    They don't play any games in San Francisco.
  17. I wasn't aware San Francisco was so progressive even the animals had a sexual identity :0