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  1. PC Improvement Suggestions

    Hi all.
    I'm surprised these things haven't been implemented earlier, but I thought I'd highlight them again.

    KaW on PC. We've always known it to be the superior KaW experience, due to the often faster action speed and generally "getting around" is a lot easier - this makes it a popular choice for warring.

    But there have always been those little issues on PC which I've never seen a reason for their existence. All of the improvements I'm about to highlight can be found on iDevices or Android, or both.

    Clan EB/War History
    There are three main problems here:

    - On PC, you are unable to scroll beyond the first page. Why? On mobiles/tablets you can. Is there a reason why they devs can't/won't implement this?

    - Why do EB "defeats" not show up? It would be nice to see the whole EB history of a clan. We don't want to just see the victories/forfeits.

    - EB drops don't seem to show either? I'm sure they used to... it would be a great aid to show them once again.

    I like the PC profile page. But there's atleast one addition that had to be made.

    - On your own profile, as with mobile devices, you should be able to see your total attack/assassinate/steal/scout offensive and defensive wins/losses.

    Friends List
    I really like the fact that the friends list is now in alphabetical order, but in my opinion, there should be atleast the option for this:

    - Why not have the option to show the names order of the most recently messaged? I have a LOT of contacts (I'm sure a lot of people have more), and it's a hassle having to use such a small scroller to locate any new messages that I have. The fact that mobiles have an "Inbox" is incredibly useful - there's nothing better than having all your messages in front of you, as opposed to having to scroll for them all.


    Kingdom Profile

    - Allow the zooming of the kingdom when viewed. This will aid navigation, as it is currently too zoomed in.

    Allies Page

    - Allow the user to return to the same ally-hiring page after viewing an ally's profile. This will save the time and hassle of spam clicking to return to that page!

    Scout Mechanics

    - For both iOS and PC, it would be great to introduce the scout mechanics as seen with android devices (being able to view a player's kingdom visually when scouted).

    Returning to Clan Roster after viewing a Profile
    I understand the absence of this is also on Android devices.

    - After viewing a player profile from their clan roster, there should be a 'back' button to return to your former position on the clan roster. It would act to bridge the inequality currently experienced between iOS and other devices.

    Ability to close PM tabs

    - Provide the ability to close private message tabs. Currently you must refresh the page to close them. Having the ability to close them would un-clogg much of the KaW app.

    Possible Improvements?

    Speaker Regen

    - Introduce a way where by paired accounts, when logged on by PC, are able to regenerate speakers. Note: This will apply to only device-PAIRED accounts, to avoid PC accounts being able to spam wc.


    Those are possible areas of improvement for KaW on PC, in my opinion.
    Feel free to share your support/no support and other possible areas to work on - I will try to add any popular suggestions!
  2. Re: PC Improvements

    Full Support,

    As a mainly pc user, these are all issues I have wished to see resolved. The only addition I would like to see is speaker regen for accounts with paired devices. I agree that speaker regen for any pc account could lead to statless alts spamming wc, but if you're already paired to a device you should be able to regen speakers by logging in on pc. It can be a hassle many days to pull out a device you rarely use just to regen speakers.
  3. Re: PC Improvements

    I support this also, and one improvement I think would be nice is the ability to zoom out I your kingdom so it's easier to manage. It's very zoomed in on the PC version.
  4. Re: PC Improvements

    A couple of added things - since the addition of Abyss Lands access to the volume/settings/ToU buttons is now almost gone.

    When search for allies, make it like a device - can click a profile and then go back to the search you were just in - as is you have to restart the entire search, and with ATA's new limit on ally page scrolling this becomes a nightmare.

    I'd also love a return to Mochi format - as in I could set my browser to half screen and still be able to manipulate KaW to access everything. That's no longer possible.

  5. Re: PC Improvements

    Some additions made, thanks for the suggestions.
  6. To be honest, the kaw interface on pc is pretty archaic. If devs would completely rethink the pc interface a lot of improvement could've be made. Not only related to usability but also performance. There are much better technologies nowadays than flash to start with.

    It certainly would be a lot of work and that's probably why those lazy people who work for ATA will never consider it. But this would definitely be a way to bring more people in this game. I started as a pc player, even before i had a smartphone. I'm sure a big interface change would bring new players.
  7. @OP

    Hello! Thank you for wonderful QoL suggestions. As to PC speaker regenration, it's already in place! As long as your PC account is paired with a mobile device you shoulds get speakers.
  8. Support!

    There shouldn't be inconsistencies between the app and the browser version!
    The browser app would have been way smoother if it was made in HTML5 instead of Flash :|

    Also how about showing Active in Epic Battle more prominently on the Android app, the way it appears on the PC? Right now its pretty tough to make out who's active with a quick scan of the list on the app...
  9. Support. They should also do something that allows emoji to be shown.
  10. #KaWpowToThePC
  11. pc could definitely use some lovin.
  12. I would like to see scout mechanics of android on both pc and ios.

    Support everything on list 
  13. As far as i aware paired accounts do get speaker regen. They really need to make drops more visible to pc users like they used to. Regarding emoji i believe internet explorer shows emoji but ew internet explorer.
  14. Support
  15. Suggestions updated.
  16. Firefox, use this browser. Displays emojis.
  17. Oh.
    I'll update the OP.