Paying for WC during wars?

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  1. I often appreciate it when a good wc and tracker step up to lead a war. I realized the other day that I can pay them for their service. If someone steps up and wc and we win I trade them a charm over 100Cs ; if we lose under 100 and same for Tracker.

    if you have 10+ people on a team doing this it would encourage more better WC and Tk and Maybe better wars and better participation.

    So I will continue to this maybe some will do the same and it will help w new better WC and maybe better wars.
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  2. It's a good incentive and good to hear someone taking positive steps towards bettering wars for everyone
  3. they should be increased rewards for wc/trk who step up whether it be upping the payouts for war to 300 for a loss or 900 for a win for those who step up as a incentive to do so .
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  4. 10/10 support. But my opinion is obviously biased. OP if you war lowland you’ll see me around:)
  5. I like the idea.
  6. There are many good ideas passing from kawmunitiy to devs and very few implemented this idea is particularly good but could be better! A wc an tracker during war are more vulnerable because they are concentrating on orders and so on! Maybe the opportunity to have a cast WC spell! This has to be cast at the start and agreed by clan, the spell gives a defence bonus only, further the spell will give a larger reward at the end, maybe double the normal or at least 2 xtals ,this will encourage more to step up and WC
  7. Support.
    A good war is reward in itself for both sides but I hope the devs work out a system that identifies and shows appreciation for the wc and trackers in wars. They go above and beyond the rest of us.
  8. Just a win and good fair fight is good for me. It would be nice to have the clan announcement back.
  9. I'd start wcing again if this was legit. But many will say, "wc and I will" then go absent when time comes. It's all wishful thinking and very cool of you to do that midget. At the same time I can see lots try to abuse this.

    But I'm with vulture, a good war with all active and listening is good enough for me. The win would just be the cherry on top.

    Also bring back the CA feature. Bring back the ability to mute and give roles. Add a feature that let's a whole clan vote to see if a person deserves a shattered sword. Too many getting away with 0.5% participation to chase rewards.
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  10. +1 for the last paragraph
  11. I wc all the time and loving it, with or without rewards. A good fight is what keeping me in this game. The big let down in war is when we have inactives, action hunters or people who cast multiple accounts and mole. They are just in it for free tokens and farming for SOD. I encourage our legit warriors to report these people every single time and have them ban for a long period.
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  12. support this idea. Perhaps intro a Level 6 EE for WC and trackers after a win.
  13. Wc and indi tracker here😴
  14. Support this in a sense, maybe have something that the whole clan have a nominate button for wc for an extra rewards because the majority can’t be wrong 🤷‍♂️ our constant efforts do go unseen
  15. Or possibly a nominate for admin too so we get use of c.a
  16. There should be a voting system and only players that can vote have to pass a certain threshold of wars done. Shattered swords should have a play in this as well.

    In regards to the roles, we do need an admin role and they need to have the ability to transfer that role to someone else who would be the wc. CA is very much needed in lowland wars.
  17. This opinion is in threads from last 3-4 years. If you will give extra rewards or charms for wc/tracker, cc will be chaotic and people will fight to be a wc 😂 if it was clan wars yes we can consider that but in random roster war please don't bring in these changes or fights will be there within teams & people will throw wars.
  18. And that is what will encourage more people to join the war system lol, not saying anything massive but something is definitely needed for the efforts throughout the years that’s a fact
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  19. U see it differently, if there is a voting system that only people that have a requirement to vote then it will be fine. People can’t fight each other for wc just candidates. And people vote for whoever they think will get them the win. But idc for extra rewards it’s the admin role I’m after.