Patron Saints PvP Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Kaw_admin, please make sure the rewards will be reached to all other players who hadn't got it first, before me! I'm sure they're waiting for it by now! :D

    Yes Admin! And promise!! :D
  2. All those pve rewards take time to distribute it seems...
  3. And PvP.
  4. Thank you to anyone I hits / stripped / or farmed during the event!!
  5. Congrats kronus on getting the top 10 pve equipment 
  6. 
  7. devs, why you give me and kron the eb eq? Dont have to be tellin our secrets like that yo
  8. Tron owns. As usual.
  9. Please update the final stats of the equip :?
  10. Thank you ATA developers for bringing us events like these to spice up the Kaw experience. I definitely enjoy the two paths for the event, and I don't believe that anybody should be ridiculed for choosing one path over the other. We all have different personal circumstances that we play under and the PVP option isn't for everyone.

    With that said, thank you to everyone who participated in the PVP portion of the event. It was a good two weeks and I had a lot of fun with it. Congratulations to all winners and hopefully next event we'll see increased PVP participation. To all of you in various clans that I traded hits with, good fight and I'll see you next event. To those of you on the other side of WDGAF's OSW, I'll continue seeing you daily. Happy KaWing to all!

    ₩Ð₲₳Ƒ - ༺ᏤᏋᏒᏐᎢᎯᎦ༻ - ₩Ð₲₳Ƒ
  11. What a good sport, that ladies and gentleman is a real winner(and I don't mean his place on the leaderboard, though that is also impressive). To Sarkhan, all i have to say to u is...congratulations

  12. congrats pvp winners. time to spend more time with your family :>
  13. I was borderline top 100 for the first week sometimes in sometimes out and I spent plenty of time working, seeing my family and even going out to parties with friends. I decided I didn't want to maintain the top 100 pace and coasted to an easy top 500 win.
  14. Congrat winner.
  15. Ban this kid from forums^

    Keeps quoting the entire OP in every thread.
  16. I missed my next tier by 400 please give me leeway as well :(
  17. 3 days since end of event; people still complaining about place in rankings :lol: