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  1. I've seen you post in cc "I just get blade and pin myself 24/7"

    Not hard to get that many if you have blade for the full 24 hours. Unlike you, I don't have the time to keep myself pinned every 15 mins
  2. So how do I know where I'm at in leader board

    If I even placed on the board
  3. You check how many remains you have and find the highest tier you're above in and that's where u are in the leaderboards
  4. Spie builds make a lot more then attack builds yet again nothing changes
  5. this was true in the first pve event
  6. I have an alt active in this event and it earns the helms just as easy as this account just saying. Look for better targets and stop complaining.
  7. So what if spy builds make more remains than attack builds, I'm an attack build and I'm top 500 without xstals or songs. What u need to do is find someone that pays out a lot of remains for u, obtain a possession, and sit on said person(s) for as long as u can. Then u rack up the big remains.
  8. This is the right attitude even though spies don't make more. Notice how most of the best paying targets are dtw hansels? That's because most of the best paying targets are either staying in pin or everyone else is hitting them for decent rewards. Hansels are working hard to find easy atk targets that pay well hence why they are usually higher up.
  9. Story of my life right there
  10. @kezzer

    It's true that most of the best paying targets are hansel.(though I have two attack builds that pay among the best). The thing I have found differently is that around half of the hansels I try to hit are dtw, not most of them. I wanted to give You my side so you could see where I'm coming from.
  11. These events would be fairer if you just banned the use of xtals during these events to make it based on activity, NOT WHO HAS THE MOST MONEY/MOST SPOILED.... Excluding Wars Though
  12. ATA have to make their money and the top 10/100 deserves better prizes for spending whats the problem? Oh and im top 100 ive only used 2 crystals.
  13. You do understand that ATA needs to make money to keep the game up. They do these events so people will buy stuff to keep game up so ether no events and game goes down or events and people pay money and game stays up. Your choice
  14. For all you people saying something like "I'm top 100 and only did this" or "I'm top 500 and I don't play all day"

    Guess what? No one cares. Obviously, you have better drop luck than the rest of us, or can maintain blade for longer periods of time. Personally, I'm done pushing for a quota of 2k a day to stay in top 500. I'm burnt out. I hit the exact same targets everyday, all day, and it's the most boring thing I have ever done on this game. Trust me, I've hit ebs before, and they're much better than this stupid event.

    It would've been better if I didn't have to push for that many for 2 weeks straight. A week or less? I'd happily get 2k a day. 2 weeks? I'm good. Other things are more interesting than hitting the exact same targets. Every. Single. Day.

    The rest of the event for me? I'll just be hitting leisurely. Whenever I want to. And whoever I want to hit will be hit, whether they drop good or not. Bet I'll have more fun doing that for 4 days than you all will hitting the same people for the whole event
  15. Best targets are either spy heavy or atk heavy. That way you.can hit people seen to be as far stronger thus giving better.rewards. Hansels usually use this because they usually need to hence why they do better. Its because they find gd targets.early on.
  16. Na they don't need events to keep the game afloat, people would constantly buy seals and xstals with or without the event.
  17. This event is fun to me but whatever havent hit a eb since it started they could do a year long event and I would participate the same everyday monster you dont care? Most here wont care about your whining sorry.
  18. Monster,

    Sounds like a personal problem. :lol:
  19. I'm top 5,000 
  20. monster. You can hit other targets...