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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Eat ur wheaties n put a cork in it.
    Drop build artists Not worth my time
  2. I wanted to change build why not drop? Show me an acct I can hit ty thats me calling you out until then just stop.
  3. Well for one you can hit hansels like every other attack build. *cough cough*
    If you can find them out of pin. Which is hard.
  4. No trouble finding them, find a few hansels in bl and hit them 12h later
  5. I've no doubt you and I are in the same boat. Pinning all day with swords
  6. I dont know what a hansel has to do with anything
  7. Me and the other guy are both accounts you CAN hit. Why would Night drop build for you? If that's his alt he has bigger.
  8. Yes my alt is bigger n hits his range.
    On pc n not in forums or cc much.
    Hits OSW 1st unless all pinned.

    Thats all i will divulge GL n PvP
  9. No Juan is here to update it.
  10. Pretty sure nighthawk is his main never know with this game I just want to know who his alt is Im not asking him to drop build thats dumb.
  11. I missed out on EQ resets way back then when idk about them or I would smaller now.

    We all learned a few things after being noobs n hopefully everyone passes along what we learned n mistakes made.

    For the ppl unfamiliar with me we at FPBO built spies for many reasons obvious to most. Mostly for war n growth n versatility. Back then most builds were hvy attack pre EE war days.
  12. Where is the update devs

  13. 6 mins
  14. Guess I found your acct or a pretender
  15. They lied.
  17. Idk i'll find out when i get home 
    If u get return hits in 3hrs then bingo