Patron Saints of War

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. PvP event logic: Let's encourage players to hit each other, but leave in dtw.

  2. Ikr... Countless times I find a good target, and they GODDAM DTW
  3. Sounds like someone is hating on tactics. If you get AP and don't have hymn yes its a good idea to be dtw to protect it.

    "They hate us cause they ain't us"
  4. Instructions unclear. Got troops stuck in ceiling fan. FML.
  6. Is that ALL you got stuck in that ceiling fan?
  8. :lol:
  9. Look at equipment reward on 100&200 it's the same lmfao
  10. Yes it is but u omitted the other rewards.
  11. Soooooooo s5?
  12. I don't hate people for self pinning... I just hate having to find targets :p
  13. Can u seriously not get the remains from assassinations
  14. Just steal bud
  15. So assassinations don't work :-/ I've wasted like 6-7 bars on that
  16. I have been in the event for less than 4 days and I already dislike it. It is so boring and repetitive... But the eb side is PVHTE, so that's not much better. The event is once again a big disappointment.
  17. Should have read op ;)
  18. I've been at this event for less than 4 days and I'm already top 500 with just a little more than basic activity. It's not ATA's fault if you don't like all of their events.

    (Although, this event is not good :lol: there are better things they could do)
  19. I am in top 1000 with very little effort too. But I will be extremely suprised if you can name 1 good event over the past, lets say, 1.5 years.