patriots play off loss. discuss!

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  1. I'll just come right out and say it. This feels good. The manning family has been tom Brady's undoing for years. He lost TWO Super Bowls to Eli manning, and, now, this year, in what should have been a return trip to glory for the patriots, Peyton manning pulls out a beautiful spoiler. So now it's the Broncos vs the cardinals for the big dance.

    But, as I'm still reveling in a brutal patriots loss, i still feel the need to analyze just what went right..... I know, you're all curious to know, so I'll tell you.

    Did anyone read or hear of any scandals this year concerning the patriots stealing other teams play books? (Spy gate) No.

    Did any one hear about tom Brady's ball boy tampering with the footballs this year) (deflate gate) No.

    Did any one hear about ANY patriot scandals this year? No.

    So, when the game is played fairly and all the cheats are taken away, the pats fall down in the end. This kind of proves my point about New England.

    Better luck next year ladies ;-)
  2. I like baskerball
  3. Eh I don't really care but I still think Manning needs to retire lol, only reason they're here right now is because of their disgusting defense...
  4. What is there to discuss?
    Broncos won, PMan goes back to SuperBowl trying to win his trophy.
  5. I'd like to see Peyton win the super bowl and then retire, just like elway. That would be a fitting end for a legend
  6. Must not be watching the cardinals game
  7. Very unpatriotic of the Broncos says Sarah Palin
  8. Tom got what he deserved. Good on ol' Peyton.

    Also, versus Cardinals? Maybe.. But they're down 17-0 right now.
  9. Cards looked weak when they played the packers. I don't think they win tonight
  10. Or the panthers more likely
  12. Panthers offense beat Broncos offense.
    Defense Panthers no got broncos defense,

    Go PMan, win your trophy, legendary QB with no awards bites.
  13. ...

    In real FOOTball, Leicester are top of the league... Now that's amazing...

    No offence American continents.
  14. ^*North America. Or really the United States of America.

    South America seems to love their futbol, perhaps even more so.
  15. Panthers will win and then crush the Broncos
  16. Agree that is amazing.
  17. Bite me, Moose.
  18. It'll be difficult for Denver to lose as bad as they did against Seattle a few years ago in the Super Bowl. What an embarrassment. It won't surprise me to see them take a beating in this super bowl as well. For that reason, I was hoping that the Pats would win.... So the Super Bowl would have some actual competition this year.
  19. Glad the trash Broncos won, now they get to get beat badly by the panthers in the super bowl 