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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by harry1970, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Life is hard.
    Life is a battle and a struggle. We all want more than we have.

    I am a kaw vet. Been at it for a few years now - it upsets me seeing the on line trolling that is the norm. Why not have a change?

    I see the kindest and cruelest gestures on kaw. I worry what the cruel people do in real life. Are they "normal" people pretending to be satanic poisonous beings or are they really that sick?

    A suggestion: first comment posted - I will do whatever I can to help you. Then you pass it on. Don't ask for a load of cash - I don't have it. But if it is within my power to help you I will.
    Why not try bringing some kindness back to this game ?

    Please be adult enough not to troll this. It will make you look stupid and you will miss the point. Who needs help ?
  2. hi where am I
  3. I don't know mate. But if that is your only problem I suspect you will be ok
  4. Volley me
  5. ????
  6. hello, can you hear me?
  7. no type louder u Aussie martinis  was the my time
  8. Shame on you. You fall into the stupid teenager section. If you had asked for something worthwhile I would have listened
  9. Pls no unsalt, we is al frind, yes?
  10. Comedy is officially dead
  11. Not their fault you’re too little to help.
  12. Harry, what account have you “been at it for a few years” now?
  13. So far I've paid for kaw player to travel to America to meet girl he met on kaw. Not a bad START to helping folk.
  14. One account now called smallfry buddy. Had a few before then
  15. Jeeeez most known player on KaW
  16. Can you rhyme like harry mac?
  17. Wow. That’s impressive

  18. I don't have a problem other than these try hards trying to soil an actual quality thread, keep it up we need more of this
  19. I have a problem with idiotic threads. Can you help?
    Cough roni
    Cough X_x
    Cough OP
  20. 30 days now and have had no threats to my children. Got to stay on kaw to see if -ogreatone- and --Tupac-- plan anything like they did before. All good here. Gave £1500 woodburner to those in need to keep plan going. Can't believe none on kaw have asked for anything sensible yet. Anyway, I'll keep soldiering on