party time

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  1. It is time for some real fun, as im sure he has figured this out challenging conflicted MaCH to 1v1 its time to see if he is as tough as his mouth has claimed himself to be?
  2. Apparently carnage doesn’t follow 1v1 huh sexy lady?
  3. No support
  4. No support, have you tried not taking on a whole clan alone
  5. Support, need more threads like this
  6. Where be the updates? My popcorn calls for drama
  7. Two weeks after carnage decided to intervene here is the stats

    Atk-> 8395
    Inc atk-> 466
    Stls-> 585
    Inc stls-> 3770
    Scouts-> 1159
    Inc scouts-> 5847
    Ass-> 1897
    Inc ass -> 3029