Paris Bombing/Shooting

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  1. I said they had religious factors and would purposely target people of the other religion, I never claimed a United ireland wasn't the main aim of the IRA
  2. Jihadi sympathizer? Show me where I said I support or agree with a holy war?

    But to keep on topic - rumour has it that the Paris attacks were organized from Belgium. Is it time to bring back border checks for the EU?
  3. They organized it from belgium because why not, they could have just as easily done it in france
  4. Or any other eu mainland country..
  5. Defending the IRA is as repulsive as anything.
  6. Anonymous is gonna deal with em
  7. Those who say Islam is a violent religion are complete idiots. Enough Said.
  8. support,
    It is a deathcult.
  9. You people still think religion has anything to do with Isis or any other terrorist group for that matter.
  10. I don't. I believe Isis is just a terrorist group. Whose using religion to cover there actions. There not religious people.
  11. Yes religion is an excuse.
  12. Islamic State sure has nothing to do with religion..
  13. They claim to have everything to do with religion. Religion is a factor no matter which way you look at it.
  14. Sarcasm
  15. Your posting Isis gifs like it won't offend anyone if I posted a France gif it would just be wrong people would wanna shoot me right.
  16. Migrants are escaping that area not invading this one?
  17. Most people are brainwashed. They have no sense of logic.
  18. Whats the difference between insulting ISIS through gifs, and insulting ISIS through text?