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  1. All us warriors from time to time get a no match. Many years ago, the devs during the "rancor wars" gave clans who did not get matches "rancors curse". A required spell to hit an epic battle. The best payout, mithril. 13 if your lucky.

    The payout today is inadequate, as now we have war events and readily available mithril from pvp, and in more abundance from wars in general. No mathes severely interfere with climbing the war leader boards during events, and a mere 13 mithril is negligent considering how the paladins epic battle does not pay as significant amount of mithril as a loss in a LL war. I have not seen a clan participate in Paladins in a long time, and it is common knowledge amungst warriors as to why.

    So, my request to the developers is a new compensation for a no match. 200 war tokens? Paladins paying more mith? More gold than hte?

    No matches are unfortunate, but i think there needs to be better compensation than something from kaw that was implented years ago.

    Haters are gonna hate. Trollers troll away. But Devs, listen to me. I am not alone. Please at least give 200 war tokens for a no match during events.

    BTW, Wasn't Rancor and the Vanished Paladins beat long ago?

    P.S. good move on war events during eb events.
  2. I like the more gold than hte part. Since usually no one gets a no match
  3. I actually saw a clan doing it in the clan events maybe 2 weeks ago. I was quite surprised.
  4. More gold than hte? Time to farm no matches.
  5. 200 war tokens? Umm, no. How about 50 or 100 war tokens.
  6. I think equivalent to a LL loss makes perfect sense. It's unfair that no matches happen, so that compensation should be at least what you would get if they didn't.
  7. Bruh you act like this was 2009 when they did this . Season 3 I know they did it and that was early 2014 maybe end of 2013 but I started this game Nov 11th and I know I participated cause I have the badge
  8. Get a lb to war with noobs for no match and then the lb make huge cash
  10. 200 tokens? Get out.
  11. uh.. in ll that doesnt change a thing cause they have ll builds anyway?
  12. Yea. Only should get 2. My bad.
  13. Probs should be more tbh. Like 300 or so considering you get about 200 for loss and 500+ for win
  14. I agree on receiving tokens for a no match. They may be far a few but hey, I've had 2 no matches so far in this war event this round.

    As for an event that you need to acquire items through war and not getting a match does lower your chances on your goal for this event. Not only does it make sense to at least give the least amount retained which would be 200 for a loss, but why penalize a clan for trying to war and then them hearing're out.

    It does take time getting warriors together for rosters, setting up your ss, and sitting in clan awaiting a match that didn't come and like me, I leave high tier ebs for war so lost the items on that to just get a no match.

    Not that I'm complaining, but dang lose event items on eb cause I needed to go war for my items..... Ok, would be worth it to lose them knowing I'm warring and going to get a few at least, but then I lost the ones from war I was counting on cause a no match, BOOM got double duped lol.

    Being no matches may be few, that's the exact reason I believe it should be implemented to awarded for no matches. It doesn't happen a lot, but the few times it does happen, it wouldn't hinder the goal set by a player due to something that occurred to zero their chances for that particular war. Also it's not like it would be flooding the event with items since nm are rare.

    Well there's my 1/2 cent *o_O*

  15. I decided to bump this as I find that its an interesting idea and a well thought out thread.
    Yes . Mith equipment is expensive and 13 mith is nothing right now.
    Although I havent seen clans doing tvp for a long time, I would like an appropriate compensation in an event of a no match - War tokens might be good (Probably 200-300)
    Again, gj op for this great idea
  16. No support. It's unfortunate to not receive a match up, but the paladin is adequate enough. It used to be that if there was no match you got nothing, and it's because people whined that we have the paladin thing. Especially no support for the war tokens thing. That would only be a fix for event, so if you're gonna "fix" the no match ups then fix it for good, not for now
  17. ^
  18. Uh... They still have bigger bfa/bfe than most anyone else
  20. Gl with this I emailed them earlier and got a email back about no matches I'm not interested in the EB would just like some tokens, the email I got back said its not going to happen.