"Owls vs Boars" banter thread

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  1. I'm kind of adapting this from /r/LeagueOfLegends, where there is a Trashtalk-Thread before every week of LCS (competitive gaming).

    So basically let's make this event a little bit more competitive by just talking mad trash about the opponents.
    YES, some people don't give a damn about the event but for those that enjoy some smacktalk, here is your thread.

    Let the kaw world hear about all your juicy banter.
    Please don't insult any players personally.

    Yes, low effort thread, lacks bb-codes, no funny gifs and all the other stuff but i'll deliver tomorrow when i'm on computer.

    For now, let's put the boars on the grill.
  2. owls are gonna kick ass.

    this color is really cool by the way. good job devs
  3. Even though I'm yellow, grilled boar sounds delicious.
  4. being the one to get grilled kind of ruins it, eh?
  5. Boars will sever owl heads from their fat, furry owl necks, with a quick snicker-snack of our cheap switchblades.
  6. your cheap switchblades are gonna crash when they hit the owls bull-necks, m8. do you even lift?
  7. Should rename this thread to

    "Who can get banned the fastest"

    There's a certain mod out there that doesn't appreciate when someone talks about their momma.. And how much of a professional she is..

    Go owls 
  8. that's why i said not to insult players personally.. it's just supposed to be friendly banter.
  9. Support, fun is not like tossing someone in the garbage truck ;) (commonly yellow)

    Oceans and sky
    Go owls
  10. To all yall owly dudes!
    Yall gon' get more messed up then Mr.Towely, dudes!
    Us boars can be roudey dudes!
    Yall jus some lame ass lousey dudes!

    Boars are straight up huntahs, gettin all the items.
    Owls can kiss our buttux, they aint got the balls to bite em

    Never scared, take what I think and write it out for the world to see.
    You cowardly ass owls hidin out look like lil girls to me.

    Shots fired at all yall, yea its owl season.
    I'm wastin all yall, with outta reason

    Now before any of you whack ass Owls try for a witty comeback,
    Remember my words will hurt you more than your eye plus a thumbtack.
  11. Owls already lost 

  12. This is who I believe is the leader of the blues.

    Also the only good blue is a dead blue.
  13. Aweful, the warlord of your clan is on our side..

    btw, we will win coz many of the dirty tactics and last week mad rush is on our side.
    wooohooo, my ticket to llbc.
  14. You can't fight us...

  15. We are going to win.

    If not that's fine, I have around 8 accounts on every team xD
  16. Owls > Boars cause we're fly.
  17. BOARS FTW!
  18. Owls are birds of prey while pigs are animals eaten as prey...pretty easy to decide what i'd prefer to be lol. Boars suck...Owls rule!