Overview and explanation of crestplate abuse

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  1. Sorry, we don't have any control over when Amazon releases our updates :(

  2. Shows how long theyve actually been playing that they dont remember exploiters usually get banned then stripped down if they are unbanned.
  3. Wait you mean you did not tell most of us we can now buy crest plates OMG  so I need to update my App
  4. [/quote]

    Shut the hell up. Literally, go crawl into a cave and just stay there until you rot.[/quote]

    Most KaW users were not inconvenienced or only mildly inconvenienced. A few were inconvenienced in about big way for a few days, but I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that many of the inconvenienced people have multiple accounts, and maybe spend very little real $$$ on the game.

    Anyhow, one never sees such a detailed publicakly disclosed root cause analysis from most software publishers, and I applaud ATA for doing it. Software exploitation situations are a particular emergent case of cyber security, and its almost always boils down to weighing usability against security.

    So, on to how it might have been prevented in the first place. The simple answer is “better testing.” But software probability is much more complex than it would seem; it is infeadible to test every mathematical combination of states, so in testing complex algorithms, a weighted scoring method is generally employed, and I’m sure ATA does this. This particular problem falls into the categories of software compatibility and version control, and anybody who has ever written client/server applications knows full well the challenges inherent in anticipating possible adverse component interactions. Trust that ATA has revised their testing protocols. But it’s all a matter of continuous improvement and problems popping up from time to time are inevitable.
  6. You got your calculations wrong and gave me nearly 8000 abyss plates I didn’t lose. Sent a ticket and you didn’t take them back

    I can assure you I didn’t lose any plates, nor do I want these extra ones
  7. I still don’t understand how ata implemented an update with a coding error, then called it an exploit and ban accounts that bought crest plates to some how save face
    Didn’t something like this happen with a pet ? Did you ban all of kaw ? Working with tos in the grey/loose interpretations lets you pick and choose punishments. It’s shouldn’t be looked at case by case situation. Roll back the accounts that you are handling and give them back. Ppl have paid money to play this game. There are far worse cheats happening that you are letting slide than this coding error.

    This being 2019 and how liberal ata is, I think it’s appropriate that ata puts forth a list of the banned accounts for the public to view while you are working to rectify those accounts.
  8. The equation is so simple:

    1- STOP spending real money.
    2- Post BAD honest reviews.
    So ATA employees will learn TO RESPECT us, players who are feeding them when we spend our real money.
    Until then ATA has no reason why not taking advantage of our stupidity ;)
  9. Exploits are (almost) always caused by a programming deficiency that went undetected during testing. Like the old saying goes, IT happens! Things get detected, fixed, and life goes on.
  10. You guys forgot to take away land unlocks gained from these exploters .. some of then still have upwards of 3-4quad in land unlocks free ...Oof
  11. Deepmine land unlocks gained are one thing but some people unlocked all thier fate sands with this glitch too -.-
  12. People still putting all the blame on the devs today’s society has no self accountability. Devs screwed up, yes... players who exploited it made the mistake worse.
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  13. You make a mistake...you blame and punish players...same old song and dance 10 years going ...that’s why your active players have dropped 90% over the years
  14. Was extended promo what we were keeping our eyes peeled for?
  15. Do the players who didn’t cheat get a reward like promised?
  16. its all done on purpose, devs/mods have new accounts thanks to "so called mistake."
    im sure didnt fix there secret accounts
    this game is getting ready to have maybe 100 members with countless alts
    i may join the crowd and quit
  17. Ive been on this game for yrs invested alot of money into how come you won't let me be a moderater spot because I made a mistake im only human
  18. Being a mod isn't just a title. I've never even seen you around and being a moderator is a role that involves a lot of community interaction. This isn't the post to complain about applying for mod either. If you were a good mod applicant you'd know this.