Overview and explanation of crestplate abuse

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  1. Is there any possibility to drop these abusers (allys) and get 100% gold back?

    Mostly are overprized now and not tradeble.
  2. User Apex asked you a questiom about your team's intention on improving KaW overall and working to advertise it to increase player base. How about an answer?
  3. of course you werent inconvenienced, youre a green name who's dropped thousands on the game.
  4. [/quote][/quote]

    Shut the hell up. Literally, go crawl into a cave and just stay there until you rot.
  5. Many thanks, account up and running
  6. We have already submitted an Amazon build for review. Just a matter of time before it gets approved :)

    UPDATE: Build approved and released!

    Kindly write into support with the details and we will do our best to help you out :)
  7. Support have message me twice to say my account is unbanned which it wasn't today they tell me it's perm banned why? You looked at it twice n said it was back how is that fair
  8. Awww that really stinks...
  9. Any idea when Amazon will allow for the update because it's still not available.
  10. so after all you did stripped my account delete all build and make account smaller then it was you tell me you indefinitely bann my main account is this joke to you???
  11. Just tell me why do I have to pay for your mistakes didn't you shut game on 19.6.2019 to stop abuse and still return game few min later back with all crestplates still in market...then when I make build up it was still in for next 6 h no one stop game or tell its cheating. ..all admins did tell in wc is game is down coz there is glitch problems with new update...then you banmi all accounts and its that way for this 9 days...to make it worst I can't log of from that phone coz every time I wanna play it says banned ....no other options to pm or ask or change account on that phone...so in end you pm me and tell my acc that you destroyed and took all from it is still problem to kaw economy :/
  12. You don’t actually have an acc. If you read terms of use it tells you that “You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the account, and you further acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to the account are and shall forever be owned by inure to the benefit of a thinking ape”

    This is something that irritates me about playing the game beyond belief. Instead of setting players back a bit and letting them continue to play you just ban them and lose profit. You could just cut stats in half and leave them max plunder with no xstals and nobs. Instead you destroy the community and ban players who exploit something that you decided not to properly test and ensure there wasn’t a way to abuse. Literally all you had to do was buy it once and see that. The devs are not geniuses. They aren’t the og devs and don’t actually care about the player base.

    Tl;dr none of us actually have an account and devs can take it at any point.
  13. So, you abused something knowing it was an abuse simply because you could and now your mad cause you cant keep what you got from your abuse?

    Yes, devs made a mistake.

    Yes, you also chose to abuse that mistake, even when you admit you know something was up because it was announced.

    Dude, they have accepted their mistake by fixing their mess up. Time for you to accept your mess up being fixed.
  14. They never told us that night it was wrong to buy build or sell anything all they told was its glitch and they stop game to (fix) mistake but still crestplates was in our hands and still we have options to do all we wanna..so there was no message don't use don't buy don't build.8h later they bann accounts ...they do all they can to blame players for this and they destroy my acc make it smaller took all allies and gold.so why they then tell me my actions are so bad they can't return acc back...
  15. If someone plunder your stats 80 mil and make you look weak then why not wanna let your acc back??it's true we bought deepmines crestplates and opts fatesands but they all destroyed they can do anything but they decide not to do it...my actions was bad but it's not my mistake for playing game they provide me...if there is something for sale I will buy it no matter is it for tokens or gold...
  16. Any plans to make kaw a fairer place for peeps with one account ?
  17. When a jackpot machine have a glitch, management stop it, apologies and ask you to keep your gain and use another machine;
    They don't retaliate unless you purposely hacked it.

    If I we don't have ownership of a kaw account, we STILL OWN OUR rating review right.
    Remember kaw is not only losing a customer but much more:
    1 unhappy customer is another 1 negative review!

    Good luck to ATA, its employees and its customers ;)
  18. People acting like this is the first time a dev mistake leads to abuse/exploit and players being punished or banned  quit acting surprised history repeats itself. Very entertaining though seeing people act all surprised about the outcome.
  19. How long should I "keep my eyes peeled" for this good behavior reward?.. It's starting to hurt.
  20. Same dude I come here with popcorn. Just a lot of people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions