Overcharge to Canadians on top of currency exchange rate

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  1. Currently a 4.99$ pack is 7.90$ for Canadians.

    This is absolutely insane pricing.

    I have to pay a CANADIAN company the AMERICAN exchange rate (and an extra +28cents per dollar but ill get to that in a moment) with my CANADIAN money.

    5$ usd is 6.57$ Canadian currently, we're being charged 7.90$ which means on top of this already idiotic overcharge Canadians are being charged an extra 28cents per dollar

    That's 28$ more for the biggest packs, our promos arent even promos anymore with how much they cost.

    If this isn't solved im going directly to google play and id suggest you all do the same, im sure all non-americans are getting ripped off through this and you need to speak up or continue being played by the apes.

    To answer the obvious contradiction before it comes:

    1. "They're just matching apple's pricing "

    Ata is the only app company i know of that does this, im sure there are a few other but i play dozens top chart games and none of them do this.

    Besides, all the money that is overcharged for apple goes directly to apple, the overcharge for android phones goes into the devs pockets.

    Its all just a cash grab , remember its the developers that ultimately choose the prices.

    speak up against this BS.
  2. or jus stop feeding devs and maybe they'll listen to some of us
  3. This is surprising, a canadian that's actually angry.

    Still pretty tame though.
  4. It costs $8.18 Canadian dollars where I'm from. You have no right to complain if we don't tbh.
  5. The prices have been this way for a while, if they didn't lower prices for Brits I doubt they will for Canadians

  6. Amazing response
  7. Honestly you don't need to spend money to enjoy the game.
  8. The Canadian dollar is doing much better now but they haven't altered the prices yet
  9. No one cares
    You should of stuck up for us brits before
  10. Pretty sure I did actually 
  11. Dragon says don't spend money than
  12. Canadian dollar is pretty much on par with the Australian dollar. I've taken to using paypal and purchasing via pc to save a few dollars.
  13. Technically they are still promos. You could always buy for the original price? Ahh didnt think so.
  14. Yes you do.
  15. Proof?

    Wait nvm, who wants Grave 'sticking up' for them; the guy can barely bring himself to stand up.
  16. Ty for ur tz