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  1. Re: Overall leaderboard fixed now?

    My rank jumped
  2. Re: Overall leaderboard now jumped back.

    My post was truncated have they fixed LB ranking? Mine went back but only moved 60 or so places both ways. Big moves back in line?
  3. I fell back off 
  4. 9973 OverAll.. Can some one explain what Happened, who reset, who left? I just notice im in overall and dont event have The BAttles to reach it, or price, maybe they fix The ranks ?

  5. Should be fixed now.
  6. I went from 7800 to 6000 in less than a week 
  7. 3470 today. It's fixed
  8. I lost 1000 spots on the lb today after totally earning 100% legit 100o spots yesterday! I demand compensation!
  9. I went from 4.5k on allies lb to 3k today and I haven't hired anymore allies
  10. Again, devs playing with algorithm in advance of ASW to weight spies to attack differently. They just not giving you the courtesy of sharing what or why lol expect more changes as they continue to tinker
  11. They didn't do that on purpose. It was entirely an accident. Not all the effected accounts were spies.
  12. Yup, glitch fixed it appears. A few of my accounts didn't move at all, one became unranked, now is in the 3000's again. Friend who is an atk build was around 1k, unranked, now back to 1k again today. Something simply removed a few thousand accounts from the LB. Not all spies or atk or any specific tie between them. Now those accounts appear to be back where they were before generally.
  13. Yeah I just checked and I didn't drop any spots so not sure what happened there.
  14. My original lb placement was actually improved by about 70 spots.
  15. Yeah leaderboard is clearly glitching, i should be #1 overall player
  16. I was unranked before all this hoopla started and now for some strange and unexplainable reason I'm still unranked... Guess all is well here!!
  17. we need a new lb.. arent yall tired of seeing devs accounts as lb? :lol:
  18. Yes we are