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    There has been a recent flooding of kaw with events, events which give a variety of rewards: bronze bars, plunder bonuses, achievements, aqua, inferno, and the point of this thread-equipment.

    For a long while, I remember forums being filled with cries of outrage about the lack of scroll drops, or how hard it was to upgrade items without being reset on multiple times. The grind to get inferno with the low drop rate of it. It was a grind to say the least.

    Now these events are rolling in left and right, quickly and incessantly, giving us insanely strong equipment. Ive been checking some stats, and someone who collects 2500 elixirs, will have better eq than someone with mith rings when fully upgraded. And in comparison to scroll rings these blow those out the water.

    If events were not so incessant, I could understand event eq being so powerful, like with the feather hunt, moth hunt, fang hunt and the whole event with the necrotic weapons, but as stated, events are all too common nowadays so people can easily get a new set of powerful eq with little to no struggle, for just going about daily kaw routine. Those people that grinded for long periods of time are being pushed to the side for people who do their normal eb for 2 weeks. Kinda disappointing. Any thoughts? Feedback?

    TLDR; with frequency of events and stats of event eq, the eq is quickly outdating the old

    Edit:Check moodys link on page 1 for an ideal solution
  2. more event equip = more money spent to get it. so of course they're gonna make it powerful
  3. No I get that, but theyre cranking events out so fast that they're reinforcing the communal opinion that its a money grab. Like I said, if events had more space between each one, the power of stats on eq would be acceptable.
  4. Pay to win equipment pay ore leave it this just the way how dev give payers a boost
  5. We should be able to disenchant all equipment either into mith or aqua/inferno, or into a gem with 20% of its stats and socket that gem into our currently strongest item. We're gonna end up with 10 items in each slot but can only equip 1 and being able to recycle old equipment will add more stuff into the game to keep us interested longer.

    Additional aspects to the game = longer duration of game life
  6. I agree with what your saying... I just wish the mith equip/season rewards equip were much much higher stats
  7. that exact mentality is killing the game for casual players
  8. All the more reason to quit playing now while you're ahead.. Spent a lot of cash warring to get my eq.. Now these devils make it obsolete.. Season 5 can blow me.
  9. Bad idea.. There should just be a standard exchange rate to a blacksmith.
  10. I'm not as worried about those equipment grinders than I am worried about new players who are screwed over because they dint have event gear
  11. i already hit 1k elixir