Our New valiant Knights

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  1. It feels great to be inducted into the Valiant Knights along side players IIIlBHxXWillyTheDeuceXxBHIIlII and -Atropos- It's an honor to be joining an already amazing list of outstanding players!

    I'll be posting a more long winded thread later this evening to give a important thanks to those who've been special to me throughout the years!
  2. Good job Ass Kissers
  3. Congrats to Willy!
  4. I am pumped that they have recognized some players for these particular skill sets. Its proof that they watch the truly skilled warriors and what they do for the game.

    I've never gotten into live streaming, but if you did stream my feed, you'd see me going back and forth between KAW and Game of Thrones on my HBO Go. Nothing better when waiting for season 5, than to watch all of season 1-4 over and over.....
  5. Congrats all 3. Willy you really deserve it! I thought I'd see Ashes on the list, honestly. ๎„…
  6. Lol. How did willy become valiant knight? Lmao. Good job to all the new VK!
  7. Hey willy want to hook me up with that hbo go? ๎’ really though congratulations on vk you deserved it!

    This :lol:

  8. I don't kiss.

    Im more of a kicker than anything else.
  9. Thank you for all the kind words. I try to help as many people with ee as possible. Any mids or new clans want to try ee let me know and ill try to help
  10. Oh my god willy is a knight XD this is great :lol:
  11. Congrats yall๎„…๎„…
  12. All these valiant farms. Who wants to be put on par with willy lol

    Keep on keeping it weak guys.

  13. Congrats on the new Valiant Knights! :D
  14. -Atropos- Is one of the nicest guys who play this game. Add to that his insane abilities as a WC, and ya, I'm glad to see his as a VK.
  15. Willy....omg...Hahahahaha valiant my ass