osw with you gone and done it

Discussion in 'Wars' started by balto574, May 28, 2014.

  1. You called me out your top member made many comments about my ass you called us out now the brigade us about to make an example of you. You still don5 know what member is our spy in your clan you still didn't know I spoonfed your little friends the wrong information knowing it would be relayed back to you making you look stupid I will be in charge of cf terms you done did get yourself ****** up.
  2. So now I call you out good night you group of pussies
  3. No one cares
  4. They care they cared enough to get me mad enough to destroy them.
  5. Who? You haven't explained anything just ranted :lol:
  6. Shut up noob. You're just a punching bag. Call out everyone and hit but do no real damage at all
  7. The clan of you gone and done it it was in the title
  8. Umm

    The clan names fit almost perfectly into title so much they don't sound like clan names. I thought you just weren't very good at speaking English...
  9. This post was just to warn them of what they've gotten into goodbye forums.
  10. Goodbye we don't care about your little war
  11. @ bad wolf. Since when do you speak for everybody you stupid noob?

    I care. You don't speak for me.

    You can me my farm now you useless turkey brained nobody.

    I bet nobody cares, but you will. Tryhard
  12. balto **** off  I bet you were one of those babies who had to be spank-shocked into breathing at birth cos you were to dumb to do it yourself.
  13. Yo if u want war so bad challenge use to a legit clan war since u all ready know I can stomp u in to the ground any day
  14. You reset or is this a diff balto?
  15. Wow is this what KaW forums has devolved into? Dismissing OP and saying we don't care about "your little war"... Then these same people make a thread about how KaW is for eb fairies only and whine about a lack of wars. Well folks I am smh, shaking. my. head. :roll: kick their asses balto.
  16. Peanut, i think its more his attitude and the way he puts his point across. All the cursing etc. Plus the main person he is farming is half his stats (he was annoying in fairness)
  17. What did I try hard to be?
  18. I know I'm significantly bigger, but its funny how you all call out wolf and not me :lol:
  19. Damn I love Balto hahaha
  20. Finding it comical that others want to be called out on another persons thread. Just fight it out Balto. To the victor, go nothing of the spoils in this game. Just bragging rights. Lol