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  1. Id just like to post a couple of things ie there is no such thing now as OSW it has been made irrelevant by kaw (devs) ie ur allies are stripped 5 mins later u have allies again, peeps try to say they hit u all day long ๎’๎’๎’isn't possible and like i said OSW is no more
  2. Ok good vital information we already did not know

  3. I would just like to say off system war wars are non existant.... War wars... Smdh
  4. Osw = one sided war

    Everyone knows how to start them no one knows how to finish them

    Just because people buy silver for when they are stripped does not mean they won't be stripped again

    Osw does exist and will always exist despite your opinions

    Devs don't like it because people rage quit and uninstall kaw (panic) which is potential money down the drain

    But it is supposed to be a war game, and people should war more often
  5. x_x has the answers to every thread I care to look into. Must be nice knowing everything all the time. Will have to teach me that trick sometimes.

    @OP, yes osw is basically dead. Was stripped 7t 2weeks ago & never missed a step. ATA allows so much influx of gold now (along with building tokens), that its quite easy to make back anything taken. Just hit a few ebs and you'll always be ok. Hte has always been prominent in "osw" clans and nothing has changed in 2017. I hit hundreds of ppl weekly and rarely get hit back.

    The pvp culture has diminished almost entirely.
    Clans do everything possible these days to NOT get into osw. Long gone are the days of massive alliances warring massive alliances. Its all about events now.

    This is my outlook. My opinion.
  6. OSW= off system war.
    So Off system war war?
    I edit this cuz i dumb
  7. Admitting you know nothing is the first step

    When the student is ready the teacher appears

    (That means when you are ready to learn you will pick up a book)

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

    (no one can make you learn)

    I've been in osw couple times, I can tell you it don't matter what the devs do
    (as long as the ability to attack eachother is there, people are going to do it)

    The easy access to large amounts of gold every week and the build tokens only make it easier to grow or strip during years of osw
  8. 1 person giving his opinion ^ Nothing more.

    Nothing less.

    24k losses in 5 years. Yea you look like you do hardcore PvP. Visit my nf and Ill show you. :*

  9. SS grats
  10. Making allies more valueable to own would be an easy solution
  11. I support what x_x and Static have stated.
  12. OSW has been dead since clans used the excuse of building funds while running hte during OSW, it completely took away the risk of losing allies.