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  1. 4tril, todd. Funny mp for his size. :lol:
  2. LOLOL now u lie for attention. He didn't have 4 trip loser. He's been pretty much inactive 3 months now
  3. Now recruiting for the..

    "Todd Is So Awesome" OSW Clan

    Hurry while spots last 
  4. Todd is Awesome  new clan all stats welcome  Abandon kingdom b.r on next 
  5. haha such big stats yet izeus is hitting from self pin so I cant hit him back.This is proof that big stats mean nothing .I have no defence potions only towers.And there you have izeus who is 4 times my stats or more failing on me.
  6. [​IMG] its just one of those days when nothing iZeus does goes right !!

  7. I'm jelly
  8. it must really beat you up when you think you are have a robust built like a ox account and it keeps failing on such a mini account !!!
  9. now recruiting lol

    ...come apply , blood in blood out 
  10. I had no clue what an osw was and my news feed started lighting up and I asked in cc how often does the epic battle hit u because its taking all my troops. Cc was quiet for awhile. I'm sure it was because everyone was laughing so hard they couldn't type.
  11. How new were you that you had to ask about the eb hitting you? 0.o
  12. I stripped King Dodo (the founder of Kings Lounge) like 3-4 years ago, cos I thought he was ummm not a nice person, based on how he treated some random guy in cc. Dodo was known to be not so nice, or so I thought..Few days later someone showed me a website (Kings Lounge had one) where Dodo dedicated a page to my strip and how he felt it wasn't deserved yet he found it fun. So I started talking to him and to my surprise he turned out to be a pretty cool dude..I felt bad but he wasn't angry lol I miss you Dodo!!! Hope to see you back one day..

    Speaking of angry..I was bored, just finished osw and was looking for troubleWhen I found my self kicked from eb clan in mid eb. So I started farming admin who kicked me. No hits were returned by that admin, instead I got someone named Mohawk and his alt in my nf, which I thought was nice of him to help a friend..but in true mhawk style he was also talking big not to mention nasty on his walls. So I switched my attention to him. He was raging so bad that I got him and his alt silenced few times. Then I stripped him like 2t which was a lot back then. Dude woke up nakkey and ssssso angry and upsetwhich resulted in both of his accounts being perma silenced. Prior to strip I made my way to his then home clan' third party group and I really enjoyed watching him cry about how he can no longer enjoy Kaw cos of some meanie named Blazey who not only stripped him but also got him silenced and devs refused to overturn it for the longest time. To his credit, losing gold wasn't what bugged him, it was inability to talk to his clannies that made him consider quitting the game. He said he was going to quit, but we all know how that goes..needless to say mhawk is still exceptionally butthurt and shows his true personality in wc once in a while with his trailer trash type of 'banter'..unlike Dodo mhawk didn't appreciate game being played as it was originally intended :( Maybe if he had some brain cells he wouldn't give reasons to get repeatedly silenced..But then again it wouldn't be as entertaining as it turned out to be for me
  13. I was silenced over a year once
  14. I didn't enjoy kaw at all
  15. I was the 2t allie u stripped from mhawk blazy Felt bad for him untillllllllllll................. well we all know that story!!!!!!
  16. OSW? Never heard of her. Lol
  17. Y did u charge me 2 c ur junk?