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  1. lmao ur cute. u got tough guy written all over ur tappy account. real badass :shock: :lol:
  2. TbirdSC =The strippers club.When me and skinnyMinny were in TSC during the osw against Anihillation I was also having big bust ups & clashes with Todd .I had been saying TbirdSC was his main because Todd was bragging no one knows it.Then the next minute who comes in TSC but TbirdSC . He seems to be at Todd's beck n call when ever he gets out of his depth and needs a bit of moral support ( or maybe its just Todd after all ) !
  3. lol he was already there when I joined ...ask MrB. again TBird IS NOT my main 

    ...u idiots that was the only time we were in a clan together?
  4. ...and that was for like 3-4 hours lol
  5. Todd I'll do you a dare reveal your main L.B account and tomorrow I'll give up all mine by putting them in my retirement clan tomorrow ! I don't care too much about them now as i am almost good as retired anyway and just killing time.So be straight up and honest give up your main account its been too long you being a coward and only speaking from your alts
  6. all your accts are tiny and not worth mine getting stripped lol  ...you're a gnat idc about your lame accts

    ..I'm not like Slay I didn't pay and scam my way to where my mains are. LOLOL
  7. Cluck Cluck Cluck Chicken Todd & my accounts are pretty decent .You just too coward.And if I had a L.b account I'd make sure everybody knows its me and be proud of it.Nobody going to even know what you've acceived so its not even worth bothering about .
  8. Oh this looks like a fun game. If you show your LB then I'll show all my accounts, bet I have a bigger one.

  9. Lol if u were nice to TBird u prob could have gotten him to tell u ..I doubt he will now 
  10. lol todd is still pretending it's not him
  11. how many times do I have to tell u people lol. I AM NOT TBird  ..idiots seriously lol
  12. Questions. So many questions. Why would it matter if they were the same people? How would it change anything? Also, how's it relevant?
  13. Toad doesn't have the iq, or courage to make his own threads, so instead he crawls all over everyone else's page after page trying desperately to get noticed.

    Pretty sad for him. He's really quite pathetic.

    Oh. And Todd has no main kingdom. That's why its such a big secret.


  14. It's not relevant to anything ..it's their go to excuse to not fight. Skinny is in perpetual butthurt mode when we go PvP she/he always gets its ass handed to it. That's why it's always crying about my mult accts she can't compete and she knows it ...V (Ardens) is worse then Skinny he might as well be a statless alt ..he's actually worse then a statless alt. Seriously he can't fight his acct is a credit card acct ...he pays to have a voice or as those idiots always say "relevant" ...he has to use his credit card for people to listen to him.
  15. It's the same with all these butthurt forums losers ....all talk no PvP/OSW game AT ALL.
  16. Wow todd. What happened to ur cos friend? The one that begged for inc and got stripped?
  17. ...how would I know? Prob at work or with family lol

    (2 things u don't have)
  18. Strip what? His max P?  U would be proud of that 
  19. Do you know when the last time I spent my own money on this game was? It's good to have a credit card acct when you don't even spend money on it.