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  1. Todd the fact your primary insults are "your mom" and "your gay" (not to mention your obvious lack of grammar) symbolize that you can't possibly be over 16. Sorry.

    And my Deni. Great thread as I said earlier.

    Here's another OSW story.

    Back when I first joined the OSW life I didn't understand how to track. Initially I thought np meant "no problem" as in 'no problem hitting him!'

    I also thought ass meant precisely that.. ass. I thought it was a way to trash talk the asshats in the other clan by running bars on them and saying "This ones an ass!"

    Eventually I got the memo, but let's recall first actually OSW I was in an eb clan, and most didn't know what they were doing. I eventually got the hang of things and have been in 3 total osws, around 100 month or more PvPs, and have gotten 3/4 of them to CF.

    OSW has also helped me make some of the greatest friends and enemies I've made on the internet, and to that I say thank you KaW for making OSW so great.

    Let's make OSW Great Again!
  2. If kaw could find a way to promote OSW, I think it would be great. Once in A8, we warred with a clan that I don't recall the name or reason of. But I remember that it all ended because I learned that the owner of it had gone to the emergency room, and I had the thought to PM her and make sure she was alright.

    OSW does not equate to the right to use hatred or rudeness. You can fight people without wanting them to die. You can fight people and walk away friends, or even allies, with them. And I think kaw needs more of that kind of OSW, and less of this "I hate you I'm going to farm your clan until it's disbanded because it's within my ability to do so" kind of war
  3. lol "make OSW great again" 

    Loser you don't OSW 

  4. Dead af.
    Funniest moment: when I got kicked from KOTFE after a month of hitting ca.
  5. I can support SnoopDog and his last statement. Him and I met through OSW and our friendship has grown stronger even though we are enemies :evil: :lol: Can't persuade him to join the light side though... Their cooking skills must be better than mine.. dang cookies.
  6. 4 year badge ...11k losses 
  7. OMG 
  8. Yes haha I am always saying Todd is TbirdSC and you now gave it away Todd ! And Lili was a good asset to i.s.s Todd you can't deny that.A strong fighter who never gave up . She was like cynderstykes twin . And really nobody can teach you how to war .it's all gut instinct and quick reflexes .So when people like to big them selves up that //_// was their protege .Thats not true we just need someone to keep prodding and then you erupt .Even before Lili joined I.s.s she was kicking butt always up to mischeif and a loyal friend so it was just natural that she was spotted by a osw clan to bring her fire power to boost.
  9. The most funnyiest osw that I have been in was Weapons of fate versus Dragons Elite in about October 2012 - Nov/Dec 2012 .in the run up to it me and ColonelLeblanc and RobertELee had been doing joke dragons elite slogans in worldchat mocking them lol .The tension began lol .Then I joined dragons elite subclan dragons nest on 2 alts doing male and female characters who were flirting with each other over the days .Then me on my roni account and colonelleblanc began hit them from outside of clan .And it was so funny being inside seeing them rally together and getting ready to react on it lol.Then robertELee did a joke forum thread called I BobDole420-DE apologise to w. o.f .Forums blew up it was so funny and then the inevitable happened a osw began . With ColonelLeBlanc and Cris in your clan it was always fun to be on Kaw.They were always up to madness and jokes.After that osw ended it was straight into another for Weapons of fate with True Spartans.I can't remember the reason that one started Lala would know .She was the owner of w.o.f they were fun times .
  10. I stripped member of Clan "x".

    I scammed ally off to admin of Clan "x"s subclan before strip target woke up.

    Enemy woke up and one of his largest allies was owned by his own sub clan's admin.
  11. I wanna know what happened to that admin after they woke up 
  12. I scammed kitty outta $100 dat one time *moonface*
  13. Tbh, I don't remember what happened:(
  14. That's a shame. Wish that admin or strip victim would come forward!
  15. what is a osw and pvp
  16. seriously though lili is pathetic 
  17. Gave what away? im not TBird 
    ...girl TBird too small to be one my mains ??? he tiny ???
  18. oh todd, u are just green with envy :roll:
  19. Why u all think I'm Todd is hilarious. But more so, if ur so sure, why do I never see u in my nf? If u found someone's "main" wouldn't u hit it? Sorry for the questions u will have no answers for...
  20. Cause your account is trash too