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  1. Every time there is an OSW between clans, you hear all about their greatest war moments and their most tragic losses. But you don't hear the newbie funny stuff. New thread alert!

    In my first OSW, I was just kinda thrown into it. Never even knew anything about OSW. At all. So, I picked up stuff on my own quick. I was still learning how to report. And I would call out hits and I didn't know about how to really.

    So, when I meant to say 5/5/5, I would actually report 5/5/25. I did that for a week before someone started telling me about how old the joke was and I realized I was doing it wrong. 

    Pretty sure that is my most embarrassing OSW story. What's yours?
  2. One time, I failed a scout.
  3. Yeah when I was at band camp...
  4. Serpent stripped me because I didn't listen to anything he said when I was tiny. He was Sw0rd at the time though.
  5. First time I see the reporting in a ️clan chat , I thought they were dates.
    CC clany: #7 stl 3/3/4
    Me: Is that his birthday?
  6. I have gotten drunk and forgot to hide my allies over a hundred times and woke up with no allies
  7. i got stripped and lost a trill while i was tro...talking tra...discussing the osw politely on the forums. (back when a tril was still a significant amount)

    being online during a strip and only catching half way through.

    i r teh warrior.
  8. A Bacon Love Story Part 4....

    ...after what seemed like an eternity of making sweet sweet love to each other 24/7 down in the fairies parents basement, the fairy and the mangy dog decided to join the realm of man. Besides, the fairies mother was tired of paying for his worthless ass so she was kicking him out of her basement and making him get a "REAL" job.
    When the fairy & the mongrel emerged from the basement they saw with great astonishment that the magical forest that they had loved so much and had called their home had vanished!!! & all the magical creatures that they were so jealous and hateful of were gone!!

    ...Wow!!! They were down there for a really long time huh??!!? Anyways the world had changed so much that the job skills the fairy used to have, had become obsolete. Court jesters, village idiots, EUNUCHs were no longer needed in this new modern world that the fairy & the mangy dog had been reborn into. What would they do?
    "I know!" Said the mangy dog. We'll ask Roni-punzel what to do!!! So they panhandled enough money together for bus tickets....

    ...to be continued

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  9. lul you lost you osw badly r.i.p your clan :(
  10. Who lost a OSW?
  11. Apparently u did 
  12. But I didn't?
  13. I believe you 

  14. ^osiris stripped me.

    btw do you really want to remind people about that war, james? the devils in the details.
  15. In my first osw i though np meant "no pots" as in, you didn't use pots, so i tried to not use pots to show off and failed almost all my hits :lol:
  16. My first osw/battle was against Pure Evil. I say battle because it really didn't last very long.. if memory serves me right maybe 3 or 4 weeks. I was in a clan called HoL (in relation to Second HoL Life, but not SHL). Was a hard fought battle between both sides, but was quickly put down by PE. PE inspired me to learn how to pvp and farm, and members from PE inspired me to try and collect CF threads. Since then I have gotten a few cf threads (one within the last few weeks) and currently some more soon (hopefully :lol:).

    Basically PE destroyed me and a few others specifically. I learned that having a big mouth isn't as great as backing up your big mouth. To that I say thank you PE.  Truly taught me how to osw.

    Edit: not embarrassing, but I skimmed this and just posted my first osw experience
  17. Show off 
  18. So this one time I was in a top osw clan. I think YAFI at the time (4-5 years ago) and was feeling like a real bad ass. A guy from some clan I never heard of was helping with peace talks, and I told him to F off and called him Katie.
    Spent the next 2 months unable to play because whenever I logged in I had zero troop/spies. Because apparently he was a somebody, and a strong ally that was more important than my noob butt.

    Don't drink and KAW.