OSW mode [ON/OFF]

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  1. TL:DR

    Devs should make a feature for our respected OSW fighters

    Clan owner can toggle OSW on and off

    Before OSW mode is activated an enemy clan name must be entered into a user interface (maybe couple clans)

    The other clan will receive clan notice an OSW has been Started

    and BOTH rosters get "OSW spell" (more on this later)

    Osw mode on * toggles a OSW clock that starts counting UP

    Why have OSW clock counting up?
    So everyone can see how long the war lasted if you winning ten OSW's everyday everyone will see

    Battle logs are collected for each players actions that are against the enemy clan roster named in the OSW user interface (ui) (with osw spell)

    Stats include ally hires, attacks, scouts, steals, and assassinations ONLY (with spell) on the named enemy roster

    Stats can be viewed on player profiles in the new "OSW battle log"

    Current OSW (This v That)
    Total number of OSW (2) [HISTORY]
    Total number of wins (1)
    Ran from OSW (7)
    Total number of ally hires (1638)
    Number of troop actions (42,738)
    Number of spy actions (187,422)
    Failed actions (643,961)
    Total time in OSW (3Y 5M 18D 22H)
    (from osw timers)

    How does someone win OSW?

    When one side starts osw, battle log begins for the starting clan and will continue to collect logs even if the other side does not toggle OSW mode on* or off*

    If both clans toggle OSW mode on and name each other in the OSW user interface,
    Clan page and player profiles will display name of current OSW and the number of OSW's goes up by 1

    The first clan owner to toggle off* OSW mode loses the war, both OSW battle logs stop until a new OSW is started, number of OSW wins goes up by 1 for the clan that WON

    [HISTORY] button will show names of previous OSW's and which ones were wins and which were losses, NO history is collected unless both clans are in the war

    That way people can tell if you're just fighting the same clan over and over again just to rack up wins together with the timer it should be easy to tell which wars are real and which are not

    During OSW epic battles can still be running, events, everything is the same (system wars are deactivated as if anyone is going to use it lol, can't sign up for lowlands / system wars)

    The OSW spell

    Clan rosters are not locked and the OSW spell each player receives will identify them as being in "current OSW" no matter where they visit, logs will still be collected for the current OSW and wears off in 7 days

    If the spell wears off without any win or loss "Ran from OSW" goes up by 1

    If you are not in the clan when OSW is won the spell will NOT be removed and you will get +1 to "Ran from OSW"

    One sided war

    If only one side toggles OSW on* both sides will get the OSW spell and if THE ENEMY refuse to toggle OSW on* or disban the clan/change clan name

    After 7 days the losing clan all receive "Ran from OSW" +1 and the clan that started the OSW gets a win

    If someone is starting OSW with you nothing will stop the attacks but one option is to toggle OSW mode on* then off* OSW logs STOP, History is logged, effectively surrendering immediately and giving them a win and maybe they will take the win and be happy OR maybe not

    If you are in current OSW and toggle off* the OSW spell is removed on both sides and no one gets a "Ran from OSW" and NO battle logs are collected until a new OSW is started

    If devs want the OSW spell to give some magical effect like % bonus plunder, random hide/view allies effects, % strength to CS, or remove hit range

    Whatever... use your imagination

    If anyone joins a clan with OSW on* they will get the OSW spell even for visiting just a minute

    This will make recruiting for osw very easy, it will encourage more wars (for the win), more clan v clan diplomaticy, more fun in world chat calling people out as runners WITH PROOF, the average eb fairy won't care out how many times he's ran from war

    Maybe some will care and fight for the win,

    There are currently thousands of kaw players in osw and this is a way to spot them easy and risk letting them visit your clan or maybe you will stop them at the door if it's not allowed per clan rules

    It gives respected osw fighters something to show off to their grandkids or anyone else they direct to their awesome new OSW battle logs

    It gives devs something to do while they're sitting in the cubicle playing solitaire (or whatever they do)... not playing kaw

    It allows devs to track how popular osw is and why the heck no one cast system wars

    OK story time with uncle x_x is over, goodnight
  2. Finally a TL;DR version that's short and to the point.  support.
  3. Kinda defeats the purpose of OSW dontcha think

    OSW meaning Off System War
  4. I support this..
  5. Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of osw being from an era before the war system? Like, its entire purpose?
  6. I don't think so, the reason system wars are terrible they go for weeks with no epic battles, and rosters are lock

    With this idea nothing changes osw goes on as normal, you can leave anytime, you can raise funds thru epic battles,

    The only difference is that there are OSW battle logs on your profile, and a way to win a war

    Battle logs are already being collected on your profile, don't change the way ebs are run,

    That's all I'm suggesting is a way to collect osw battle logs by an OSW spell
  7. Never got the idea of giving a system mechanic to wars that don't use any system, but this is the first one I've seen in some time.

    As usual; no support.
  8. ...I've been suggesting an OSW scoreboard for years now, they won't do it
  9. Nice effort, but this seems really complex.

    Real osw is bitter and never ending. Unless one side is so clearly the winner that the other side must swallow their pride and capitulate, there's never a complete resolution.

    Sure, some former osw opponents became good kaw friends. But others I still hate, even years later.

    Reducing osw to an on/off switch just doesn't fit. Osw isn't about keeping score. It's about obliterating your opponents--not for gold or mith or badges, but for the pure pleasure of it.

  10. I was gonna say the same thing, Im sure this will be said many more times.

    I didnt actually read the full post yet but Im all for aesthetics showing that your clan is involved in an OSW, but anything implemented to record the actions of players or a clan would make it more like a system war. (again havent read the post yet so Idk if thats whats been suggested)

    Which brings me to ask a question Ive wanted to for a long time, why exactly have system wars been completely abandoned? As a player thats only been around a year, I really dont understand this when their is clearly a love for PvP in this game.. Id be more impressed by a clan showing they can win in a system war than a clan that claims strips and basically just banters in wc all day.
  11. I can't really answer that except to say what system wars are

    Roster lock is optional

    No outside hits or strips

    No epic battles

    Is basically indi or lowland wars but goes on for days

    I have only been to one system war and by that point they were already basically dead so it was small roster and it was really unbalanced

    I believe the appeal of OSW is the fluid nature, it's a commitment to crushing your adversary, and loyalty is what holds it together not a locked door

    I am suggesting a way to keep a players stats of OSW actions so players can carry it with them

    Not just
    "oh I been in osw and we kicked their butts"

    Whereas the reply is
    "who are you?"

    I think it would be cool to see the stats on the profile where no one need to mention it, they carry their wins everywhere they go

    It could also be used to see if your members are actually fighting for you and not just faking calls in chat, because you could see their stats going up in real time everyday

    I also think more people will want to start their own osw clans

    Easy to see an experienced osw player at a glance instead of an interview, you could see their history, wins, actions, time, and how many times they ran away

    You would be able to see how bad the other side is losing, even people not involved can watch the war progress and cheer on the sidelines

    Is nearly impossible to join an existing osw unless someone knows you, this way it might be possible to recruit someone who can almost be trusted

    It's about the fight, how hard to fight, and how much time are putting into the win, or did you win,

    It's about the devs validating a war the players want regardless of anything they do

    Besides kaw is already gathering our battle stats and lumping it all together with epic battles, a hit on an Eb still counts the same as if it's an attack on a player

    I want to change that
  13. I believe osw needs to be revamped I have limited experience but with a true war clan it'd be kinda fun the thought of allowing a clan to surrender also shames / bears witness to clans that surrender then attack again that way there's clear evidence ... I think you'd get better reaction if you introduced this concept as a core revision of system wars have them remove the locked door and no outside strips / strikes allow clear evidence that after a person has struck a clan who's in osw x number of time ( more than 5 come on ) then he's joined the war and that roster should include the enemy clans actions & outside combatants , the war chief / wl can remove the outsiders like if they were to have a personal issue and not with the clan .... This increases accountability dispells false information more to the point an outsider who's in another war clan ...or family , cannot run to their friends for help because when the culprit is marked it's time stamped ...it doesn't diminish diplomacy it actually increases it
  14. would make it easier to track activity for strips is al,l apart from that i guess a bit of support
  15. No thanks.
  16. You must of not been around long enough to know why half these people even osw.

    It's a stupid spat of people genuinely hating each other and hitting in the hopes they stop playing the game. Rarely do you even see people being a respectable pvp player.

    Also stops other clans jumping in to make it interesting, betrayals of changing sides, clans backing down and so on.

    Last point is, there is never a clear winner in osw, because it reaches a point of mutual cf or both sides get bored and stop because neither side backs down
  17. OSW = Off System War

    Placing a type of system to moderate off system wars seems very.... matrix.
  18. I read the whole thing now, I support all except how the "One sided war" part works. I dont think an opposing clan should get labeled "defeated" (or as war runners) for refusing an OSW (maybe I misunderstood). Also, whatever logs that would being implemented to track overall clan activity need to be made so that only high ranks in a clan can view these live. Any public clan activity logs should only be updated once a day or once every other day to prevent them being take advantage of by opposing clans (for tracking purposes).

    I think this is a great idea though I think its a bit ambitious to expect the devs to implement anything war or osw related to this game but its worth posting suggestions..
  19. I just putting the idea out there, not my job to care what the devs do

    I am not suggesting clan logs, unless maybe it's a "history"

    I'm suggesting osw action logs on our profiles by already collect battle stats vs epic battles

    I just passed 500,000 attacks by the way, (Woot)

    That's what the whole "battles" leader board is about, kaw is already collecting these stats anyway

    I'm suggesting while the osw spell is turned on your battle stats are collected on a new area of our profiles