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  1. Swabs and deuce for dev! Please fix it haha 
  2. Osw "off system war" - Swabia
  3. Ice,

    OSW prompts people to use nobs and xstals to raise funds and grow, I agree the events appeal to a wider player base but that doesn't mean they should neglect the OSW'ers.

    If they could harness the value of account transactions they could make a killing! I'm sure there wouldn't be so many transactions if it wasn't for people getting stripped and people wanting to bring in new accounts from outside wars with hundreds of trillions in allies.

    Finally, the mobs spent on name changes as people run and hide in HTE clans would never get spent if people weren't digging in with their eyebrows.

    TLDR version: OSW generates spending
  4. I agree only in part BobbleZ. You can make so much gold so easily in kaw now that you no longer need to buy accounts in or rather "access" lol these accounts. One train can generate 100's of trillions in strip funds if you wish it too. My point is that while ofcourse osw does generate real life cash for the Devs the events generate a lot more. Ergo they will never move away from that model. Not until it starts to dry up. I'm not having a go at the Devs, I get it, it's a business and time has proved that whenever real life cash flow slows down they introduce a new part to the game to change that. Currently thats the never ending string of events. Do you think this latest event ending a day b4 Black Friday is coincidence? Please. They know exactly what they are doing. What I'm saying is whenever the community comes up with any fantastic idea about improving the game play of this game we all are so badly addicted to...I mean love so much lol the Devs either ignore it because it's not a quick enough revenue driver or change the idea to make it one that makes them more money but the kaWmunity doesn't fully agree with. I just wish they thought a little longer term, and had faith that they would benefit from organic long term growth rather than going for the quick buck.
    No doubt you will disagree as is your right but this is how a lot of experienced KaWers think.
  5. I don't disagree with them making a living, and I might not like the events but I don't disagree with those either, they serve a great boost to small accounts and cater to a demographic. However, they have their format (I know they tried something new which was a bit different but we are now back to old format) which can't take a huge amount of time to set up every two weeks.

    Maybe now they can spend a little time putting something together for people who play the game a different way. You could look at it this way; 90% of people want to hit eb events and spend on that, why ignore the 10% who don't?

    I certainly wouldn't still be playing if we had had an event every two weeks for the last 6 years and nothing else, how many would? I'm not sure if this is true but I think a lot of the longer term players are the OSW breed. It fosters loyalty, comradely and friendships which are the things that keep me playing. Additionally I wouldn't have spent money to grow this account if I hadn't had a target to aim for. The challenge of wanting to be able to hit the biggest accounts in the game is what keeps me growing and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

    Fingers crossed they take a look at some of Swabia's ideas and mull them over a little. I think they look great.