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  1. i want ows lovers to give me their ideas on how would they like this game function to be ? New attack system or new osw war ect?
  2. What? This doesn't make any sense
  3. Osw= off system war, it doesn't need changes
  4. I don't understand as well as osw is "off system", in which only utilizes clan strategy and strength.
  5. You sound like someone overflowing with knowledge and wisdom. Please make more threads.
  6. "New off system war war"
  7. I'd like to see the abolishment of the actual system war that really, nobody uses. Then the creation of a tracking system to measure wins/losses and ally loss in a declared war.

    Sure, it would eliminate the term "Off System War" but would be an honest gauge in the REAL type of war that happens in KAW.

  8. Agreed. I thought this was how the system was going to be designed when they implemented it. I've even requested a system as you describe with the following conditions:

    1) no war plunder
    2) number of actions listed on and off war for and against a player
    3) cf terms as set or variable. So all leaders could agree to side one lost and vote in and end the war, or mutual cf or forums apology - whatever.
    4) All clans involved to be tracked
    5) Runners tracked
    6) Strip losses tracked although 24 hrs past so you can't see someone wake up and bank.
    7) no medals or awards or anything for winners or losers
  9. That would've been such a good system! like a year and a half ago...
  10. Also to respond to the comment of 'osw'

    I made up that term shortly after the war system came out because many people on forums were discussing war and it was difficult to track. That term stuck. You can try changing the system and having the system war totally removed (and EE) with this as a replacement but it'll make everyone mad.
  11. That's sounds nice tbh
  12. Swabia invented the word OSW :shock:
  13. ATA planned, researched, designed, tested, beta tested and continuously modified their Estoc War system. This system was supposed to be the new way KAW was played, which, it pretty much is. Along with events and PVP stuff.

    But they never realized that they created clans, and warring was a battle for pride and proper leadership. Why ATA never took that and ran with it, I'll never understand.

    You have passionate people fighting over pride in a game YOU designed. If scrapping SW and building a scoreboard for OSW didn't cross your mind ever, you need better minds in the think tank.

    I'm no genius, but OSW was the most important gem to evolve in this game, and you didn't even create it. You should have embraced it by now.

    Wanna save KAW, take Swabia's list and bring it to the boss. Drink some chamomile tea, chew on some 5 gum and run with it.

    The game is almost dead anyway. Might as well.
  14. A score board & the ability to have time limit as an option
  15. I don't think a time limit on an OSW is a good idea. Longevity is a talent.

    Albeit, one could make claim that a 1+ year OSW would kill the game, there is one going right now. And had the "actual" losses been seen, I don't think it would still be going.
  16. Osw is one of the most fun parts of the game and can make it quite challenging to grow while smashing your opponents and taking incoming. I think someway of tracking the wars would be great with strips and losses but in the end it doesn't matter as it is just simply pride that keeps everybody going. 
  17. No support please.
  18. I'd like to see things like alliances introduced, so that way they're officially acknowledged within the game

  19. Fantastic idea. I'm beginning to this the devs don't care at all about their user base or creating actual content that is desired.
  20. Simple answer really Willy. Not enough RL money in yours and Swabias ideas for the Devs. The constant events system they have created is a cash cow until the game dies. No idea when that will be and I really hope kaw endures. But the reality is no where near enough real life money in osw for ATA. Even buying and running xstals in osw would not make up for all the nobs, to open chests etc, and xstals to do trains that you get during events. Sure they give a lot away in rewards but still.