OSW Clans.

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  1. Which clan is currently the best OSW clan in your opinion?
  2. N.O.V.A

    Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, one of the largest OSW clans in KaW and it's best kept secret. No one knows who their members are or where they come from. We only know the destruction they leave in their wake. They move like the omets, only hundred fold larger.

    #StayWoke #StayAwayFromNova
  3. What are omets and why can you fold them
  4. Apocalypse :p
  5. The Omets were great. Not sure about N.O.V.A. but if they are like the Omets, then I support. I remember another secret group like that inviting me to be a part of it but I think they’ve since fell apart. They were called like the black roses or something like that.
  6. DKOD is the only osw clan left in kaw :-D
  7. Pretty sure iG is still an Osw clan too ili ;)
  8. None ....Osw died a long time ago.
  9. Who DKOD what now? All I see is lots of active in that particular clans EB history
  10. Who’s warlor now? Top 3 members gettinfniver 500k event items every event while in a dying alliance RIP APOCALYPSE

  11. Well now we know you and ladyash are members... and that pickle is probably a members alt.
  12. I'm a main bro, I just suck at staying active.
  13. Unfortunately NOVA rejected my application to join. Said I was too weak. Cri.
  14. That’s obviously from hitting people they get those event items Bach...

  15. iG has been a joke since about 2012. Maybe 2013
  16. Nova, Omets - these groups are all a load of bs. The fact they choose not to stay in a clan jut makes them weaker. Once they get in a real fight they start dropping like flies

    What was the other one from 2015 or something? Isnok army? Tried to square up to apoc and got dismantled in a few days
  17. Do not speak ill of N.O.V.A! The consequences will be dire 
  18. N.O.V.A can kiss my donkey
  19. *runs through thread wearing a bunny suis, slapping bums n swigging rum*