OSW clans?

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  1. Sorry I'm not sure if there's another thread about this but I'm sure you forum stalkers will tell me if so (if you do pls link it :) ) but I'll keep it short if so. So i always see creations of OSW clans in WC that never seem to take off, so i was wondering if there is any successful ones, I'm sure there is, please do tell me their names if there is thank you, please excuse any spelling mistakes and lack of effort

    Happy KaW'ing :p
  2. B2B OSW ...KAW's best OSW clan


    (rest of u suck)
  3. Considering you/they haven't been in an OSW yet I don't trust your judgement :p
  4. There are loads of clans that are capable of OSW. My question to OP in his/her opinion, what is the flat definition of an OSW clan?
    Do they strictly OSW and not do EBs?
    Do they do a mix?
    Do they have a particular build they follow?

    One could say that practically ANY clan could in theory be an OSW clan. The reasons the ones popping up all the time fail are for the same reasons regular ones fail.
    Lack of participants, and poor planning/leadership. Running a clan isn't simple, yet many people think it is. Often times new "OSW clans" bite off far more then they can chew before being properly ready.

    I'll probably be boo'd for this, but examples of clans that excel at OSW in my opinion would be groups like WDGAF/Apocalypse alliance and affiliates/Resilience and it's family. Etc
    Not everyone would agree, especially since some are in the middle of an OSW with each other.
  5. Apocalypse a osw alliance?! Your been spending time with willy and ash, haven't you? Good joke
  6. Can there be at least be one thread where apoc isn't mentioned by someone then everyone jumps on to hate on them? Gets annoying after a while

    To OP, there are a handful of OSW clans out there that are worth spending time in. Once you get into an OSW clan then you start to find out about many other OSW clans. A list I'd recommend would be

    •Apex of Evil
    •Guardians of Mordor
    •l3ad company

    Those are just a couple that you can join to teach you the ropes. I'd recommend not joining one specifically for that reason though, join up. Spend some time in there, see how you like it in the clan then ask about OSW once you feel you're comfortable in the clan. Most OSW clan's take loyalty much more seriously than your average EB clan.

    Good luck in finding what you're looking for
    Happy kawing
  7. Then don't read it... Simple and easy to do. Osw isn't really osw anymore.
  8. Osw always changes anyone who's done osw long enough knows once hte was brought into kaw old school osw died and now there is a new way of osw simple put as kaw grows and devs make changes it will always effect osw.
  9. Out all of the osw clans u just mention ig is the oldest and been in the most osw out of those all and the others are new and been in maybe a handful of osw combined
  10. I know, they were all picked for reasons
    AoE: personal experience as a clan member
    Guardians of Mordor: newest OSW clan I know of
    iG: oldest OSW clan I know of
    l3ad company: personal experience from the receiving end of their hits
  12. I didn't realize aoe members hit back hmm interesting and short osw aren't really saying much about a clan any clan can do a sma short osw now a days a osw isn't consider one unless it's over 6 months long anyone else say different clearly never been in a real osw
  13. OSW
    Off system war
    No matter how short, if it's off system and it's branded as a war by either side it becomes an OSW
    What would you have us call it if that definition does not fit? Anything under 6 months is an off system skirmish? Don't think so
  14. Aoe are a joke
  15. Haters gonna hate!

    But Regulators will always be the best osw clan out there and always will be family to me...along with my peeps at Veritas... Ya'll some crazy peeps

    Kotfe, always reliable!

    Chaos reborn... Osw since the devs were in diapers kick it og style

    And other awesome clans!

    Haters gonna hate, but Apoc is by far the best osw Alliance in the game and wdgaf...well hell their name says it all!

    So want a good osw clan...reach out yo!
  16. my clan is osw clan. no ebs here. we make money on pwars...
  17. This idiot's English is too bad to warrant a response to the literal content. I wish he allowed his mother to check his work before clicking "submit" so she'd slap his ass w/ a grammar book.
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  18. Oooo nooos my feelings!
    How about you drop build and let's go 1v1 scrub? Or better yet hide another account in a hte clan.

    P.S Roni gives better inc than that you and your scrub clan. Lol

  19. Regs, well there just a bunch of loopers.

    CR, more and more people make the mistake they've left Apoc they gone so quiet.

    Veri and Kotfe. Well Veri let me into their clan, but that was an inside job so I'll not hold that against you, and you didn't flip out like some Salty souls did quite soon after. Can't deny it, don't have much bad to say about the two but do yourself a favor, don't run yourself down with those other two names.