Osmon Rai (19 December) side legends guide

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  1. Here is a quick guide of the current side legend.
    I will update the guide as I get information in. If you do not see any information provided that you have, please post it and I will add it here. If there is something you need that I do not have posted here, please seek someone out and ask them to post the information here.
    Thank you :)

    Easy Choice

    First Tier:
    Collect 500 Quell spears
    Attack an EB 300 times OR
    Assassinate an EB 300 times
    Garuda Skarra 500,000 a/d/sa/sd
    150 Abyss Plates
    75 Hoarfrost Plates

    Second Tier:
    Collect 2.5k Quell Spears
    Have 10 allies OR
    Do 25 pvp actions
    Quell Silver Harpoon 2,000,000 a/d/sa/sd
    480 Abyss Tokens
    100 Hoarfrost Tokens
    1 Heath Crystal

    Third Tier:
    Collect 4k Quell Spears
    Open a Regular Quell Box OR
    Open a Royal Quell Box
    Quellplume Arrow 2,500,000 a/d/sa/sd
    260 Abyss Plates
    120 Hoarfrost Plates

    Medium Choice

    First Tier:
    Collect 2k Moonblest Quills
    Attack an Eb 400 times OR
    Assassinate an Eb 400 times
    Alkonost's Armlet 1,000,000 a/d/sa/sd
    200 Osmon Rai Tokens
    50 Abyss Tokens
    50 Silver bars

    Second Tier:
    Gather 5k Moonblest Quills
    Have 35 allies OR
    do 75 pvp actions
    Moonlamp amulet 3,000,000 a/d/sa/sd
    400 Osmon Rai Plates
    200 Abyss Plates

    Third Tier:
    Collect 8k Moonblest Quills
    Open a Regular Quell Box OR
    Open a Royal Quell Box
    Restoratyve Propertyes of Flora 4,000,000 a/d/sa/sd
    700 Osom Rai Tokens
    50 Deepmines Tokens

    Hard Choice

    First Tier:
    Gather 4.25k Timmia Leaves
    Attack 500 times on an eb (doesn't have to be the same eb) OR
    Assassinate 500 times on an eb.
    Rewards: Zuashran Masterwork Spearhead reward item that has 1,500,000 attack/defense/spy attack/spy defense
    100 Deepmine tokens
    200 Osmon Rai tokens.

    Second Tier:
    Gather 8k Timmia Leaves
    Have 50 allies OR
    Complete 150 pvp actions (NOTE: this doesn't mean weekend pvp. pvp actions do need to be successful actions)
    Zuashran Seedcakes 3,500,000 a/d/s/sd
    250 Deepmine Tokens
    300 Osmon Rai Tokens

    Third Tier:
    Collect 13k Timmia Leaves
    Open a Regular Quell Box OR
    Open a Royal Quell Box
    Light of Volana Reward charm 5,000,000 a/d/sa/sd
    500 Osmon Rai Tokens
    350 Deepmine Tokens

    Completing them all!

    As a surprise you get a reward for completing them all!
    200 Deepmine Tokens
    1 Royal Seerstone
    5 Health Crystals
  2. The next one after the allies is open a box(royal or regular) and items
    For hard
  3. Can you be more specific? Is it just complete any one epic battle? What are the rewards?
  4. The 3rd part is collect 13k leaves and open either a normal or royal box. The reward is a charm that’s 5m each stat and some crestplates. Let me check numbers on that and I’ll get back to you
  5. 500 osmon and 350 deep mine
  6. The charm is a grey lantern called light of volana
  7. Thank you!
    List updated
  8. Sorry I was late to update. I had collected 20k of the items before 500 actions so I just pressed collect lol
  9. Easy legend: Tier one is collect 500 quell spears and atk or ass any eb 300 times rewards are garuda skarra 500,000 to all stats and 150 abyss plates 75 hoarfrost plates. Tier two is collect 2.5k quell spears and hire 10 allies or do 25 pvp actions must be successful ones rewards are quell silver harpoon 2mcs to all stats 480 abyss plates 100 hoarfrost and 1 crystal working towards tier three if there is one. Tier three is 4k quell spears and open a Royal or normal quell box. Rewards are quellplume arrow that gives 2.5mcs to all stats 260 abyss plates and 120 hoarfrost plates. Tier 2 has either glitched for me or devs messed up or I looked at it wrong cos when I collected the items all I got was 220 abyss plates showing not 480 there was 2 stacks of abyss plates before adding up to 480 plates everything else is correct tho.
  10. Medium tier 2 collect 5k quill
    Have 35 allies or 75 pvp actions

    Rewards 1 moonlamp amulet charm 3,000,000 a/d/sa/sd, 400 Osman rai crestplates 200 abyssal crestplates 1 xtal
  11. Easy L1 - 500 spears/hit an EB 300 Att or 300 Ass on an EB. Rewards 500k a slot charm, 150 Abysal
  12. Apologies for crossed post
  13. Thank you. Updated :)
  14. Medium Choice > Third Tier:

    Collect 8k Moonblest Quills and Open A Box.

    Open A Quell Box or Open A Royal Quell Box.

    Rewards: Restoratyve Propertyes of Flora + 4,000,000 a/d/sa/sd

    700 Osman Rai Crestplates

    50 Deepmine Crestplates

  15. Thank you!

    Guide is now completed. Thank you all to those that helped me make the guide! :)
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  18. If you finish all three difficulties, you get an additional 200 dm plates and a seerstone. Neat! (Possibly a third item, but I spammed the collect button and can only see 2 rewards in my legend history.)
  19. 5 crystals were also given....maybe it’s a mechanical issue?