OSFing in the Modern Age

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  1. Hey all!

    A trend that I've worked to carry from 2011 to now is the public open. I've always held smaller accounts and opened infrequently, but I'm also very busy IRL.

    I wanted to share a few tips for those who may be interested in giving back to the community, and some guidance for neophyte osw players.

    This post will have to be built out in stages.

    Part 1:

    It may be common knowledge at this stage, but I've not seen it discussed in ages: OSF Spy management - what is it, why does it matter?

    When you hit an OSF with spies, why do they get angry? Odds are, they may be running at 26-32% of their bar.

    But why?

    When an OSF runs at low spies during an open, their losses can be reduced by ~70% to attack inc.

    This is especially important for large OSFs, because they may have to drop trillions of gold worth of pots to stay open if they are unmanaged.

    Why waste time managing your own spies? Clans can do it for you.

    An OSF can provide their clan with a number of spies that needs to be killed every Regen to keep them low, and then clan members can burn 5 scouts or 3 failed assassinations per Regen, and if a couple of members do this per Regen, it keeps the OSF around the minimum loss threshold.

    How many spies do I need to kill?

    I don't know the loss ratios off the top of my head. Count the spies that are killed in your action report, and compare their losses to the number they need to lose.

  2. You can’t osf this days unless you stay active and drop single pots at a time. The plunder takes so high that you can’t drop 40 billion and can be open for an hour. You drop 40 billion will be gone in 6 to 7 attack
  3. You can open OAF still okay because the lose taken still follow old war mechanics
  4. Even back in 09 when they changed the gold loss per hit we started dropping single pots. Common practice
  5. Tbh I didn’t know anybody used these anymore 
  6. I opened several times this weekend, and it takes a few hundred hits to clear the 12.5b I put out at a time with spies managed, even at the upper end of my hit range.

    I remember a time when dropping single pots was the SOP, but it seems to have leveled out. Can any of you larger guys test and see if there actually was a mechanics change? At most I lost 125mil per hit (~1% loss per hit, tapering as my gold on hand lowered, of course.)