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  1. I'll join to help them nubs :D
  2. Krogg, as a guard or OSF?
  3. His a all spy build. On a side note I think I'm strong enought to be a guard, just message me if you guys have problems :D
  4. Callin OSF. mourngrim not responding please put pressure on him
  5. Grumpy I'm hitting him for a piece but please remember to keep this on walls, also, aside from words why are you all chain hitting him? I'm in talks as I'm typing this.
  6. Well he farmed me so we got him back, than we stopped then he got mad, then he farmed green, then we helped green
  7. Hey, all OSFs reading this, unless you personally dislike mourngrim please do not get involved in this atm. Please and thanks
  8. I would love to join your cause since u have helped me get all my forges just post back on my wall and let me know what u think. I'm fairly new but I think I'm growing pretty fast.
  9. Whaaa what about igs, I'm
    killing his spys =/
  10. Hansel, you want to steal from him, that's your buisness, as for helping the IGs see my and mourngrims wall and the IG forums thread. Let's keep the rest if this situation on walls now thanks and sure TrueBlue you can be a guard shouldn't need you too often
  11. Ok I have it straight from Fortress that the Templar group as a whole are signing on as guards/asf all Templar please read this thread for duties and benefits please and correct me if I'm wrong Fortress.Night All
  12. I'll help as a guard.
  13. The OSF is now giving out bumperstickers in a Save the Spies Campaign. To express your support just post on an OSFs wall stating how many times you don't mod being stolen from and post on my wall who you gave it to and I'll post an awesome bumpersticker on your wall!(don't need to tell me who if it was me)thanks for supporting the OSF and we apreciate your continued buisness!
  14. I'll help guard. I'm a Templar.
  15. I will help guard!!! Count me in 
  16. Ok guys I may just go on a killing spree with a few buddies so if you see people targeting me on forums don't whack em unless I tell you to b/c they spammed my farm or another matter pertaining to OSF buisness. That is all. And yes i broke the wall post only rule since this is to all OSF members and affiliates
  17. Please note: my OSF now has no limit. And while my name is on the chaos list I will not report anyone attacking me to the list so unlimited hits on me now and happy hunting enjoy your war
  18. Taking a quick OSF census to try to get all the names in one spot. If you wish to state you are no longer open please say so
  19. We got bumped off the main page.... Am I really the last OSF again? Please report in and don't make me cry or I will have to reset my limit and be a good little leader example to get more spies again... Sigh
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.