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  1. Russian, this thread was made before mods even existed.
  2. HTSS Business. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  3. Stop bumping old threads, this is the second time I have found you doing this, next time I wil report to the devs.
  4. Go for it Swiftly. I dare you to try :lol:
  5. Swiftly you're an idiot. He's running the Historic Thread Safeguard something or other. The point is, he's keeping old threads, which are part of KaW history, alive.
  6. Calm down Swift :\
  7. what is with all the necro bumps?!
  8. HTSS

    That is the reason.
  9. Langlas, he's doing it for his Thread Safeguard project.
  10. OSF My favorite OSF is x-x Iol x-x IOl x-x
    #25 in ZAFT Echelon.
    She pays great but is not open much due to osw. UC must be taxing that ass. Your all welcome
  11. Okay still... nobody cares if this guy wants to be an OSF.
  12. Ok. Sorry I jumped on you like that.

    Continue the good work :)
  13. I'm gonna talk to the mods about a method that could be less disruptive to AT - so let us let this thread "die" for today, so we can read it tomorrow.
  14. Bump for the memories :)

    Some of you may remember Corinthian's OSF which lead to PWARs.
  15. Holy **** this is old
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.