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  1. Victorinox is also an IG!
    And aKiLaS!
  2. I'll be a osf :) 5hits max per day pl0x
  3. I'll be an asf Corinthian
  4. Don't let this just be rules and sign ups.use walls but feel free to give us some feedback on here on the whole system so I have an idea of what yall are thinking....suggestions also encouraged
  5. I am anti-spam, 60k attack and defence, any OSF's have a spammer just let me know...
  6. I did spam you osfs but now ill be ig asf
  7. thanks so much corinthian =]
  8. Can I join I'm a spy person
  9. Just posting an official reply to cheeses request...wait until you have 5-6 lvl 2 guilds minimum..I think I said this in my long initial posts FYI
  10. Just celebrating..a few mins ago I broke the 15000 battles lost mark so I think i'm the #1 in lost battles imaginary board anyways I think that's a good sign the word is out whoo hoo lol
  11. Please add me to your list of guards. What yall are doing is a great help to everyone.
  12. Just a reminder to all guards reading this to not break the 7 limit without express permission or the OSF being farmed
  13. Ok,at various times I hav been asked if it's ok to hit me a bunch for that last bit if cash needed for that next land/building/upgrade....personally I don't care as long as it doesn't become a regular thing for each farmer hitting me.if you DO need that last burst,please post on wall with explaination of the spam/apologies perhaps or you may be taken for a spammer.Also,this is not an excuse to spam me then whine later saying you were getting that last land etc.if you do this remember to apologize/explain IMMEDIATLY.please remember that this pertains to my farm only and if the other OSFs wish to adopt this / you wish to hit them in the way stated above ask them / you can post your own special rules on the OSF side here.
  14. Mais quel chialeur ce type j'en reviens pas xD C'est une merde il se fait massacrer et du coup il nous sort une soit disant règle de je ne sais ou ...
    Assume trente secondes ptin !

    Cordialement x)
  15. Lol English on my wall and foreign in forums.. Sneaky I like it lol... hey just bouncing this idea around ...all OSFs please post on my wall on the opinion that we move to a no limit farm but use smartbombs light system so whether we are currently open is up to each OSF note if you have no emoji app you could just type the word on your wall if we decide to adopt this
  16. I won't become a osf but I will help guard. A good idea for starters
  17. I am honnored to be able to become a guard. I now realise that when 13th hit my trips down and I removing my tower I was infact an OSF. I thought at the time I was helping someone who reset grow again a take part in a battle to end the B'n'B War.

    I will certainly use this tactic to let my clan/friends/those that need it get some bonus gold to grow.
  18. Please excuse my typos. I find this thing sometimes auto corrects to the wrong word. Can I go back and edit a post  to correct typos? Plus I guess I should read what is up on my screen before sending..... Perhaps I should be posting on the count to 1000 thread lol Cheers all.
  19. Thanks for the farm thread and the sign up Drew! Should clear things up
  20. Sign up on the fansite so I can add you and have devious imaginary plans! If you can't it shouldn't hurt us too bad
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