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  1. Just resetting the open spy farm thread.If you don't know what as OSF is it's this:a person who is a pure spy build who is signed up here who leaves themselves open to attack to help new people get the cash to set up easier(vets can hit us too) obviously there is a limit to this so that there is always cash availible which is this--)no more than 5 free attacks per day.if any other OSFs are still up please post here that you are and if you want to become one also post here.please don't use towers if you are an OSF since our main mission is to help new people set up and sadly out ally bonuses alone will beat them(and I only have 4).If as an OSF someone is spamming you don't cry here warn them stating you are an OSF and to read here and stick to 5 attacks per day and this is your only warning etc.(on thier wall of course) most times they are ignorant and will apologize and stick to 5 and maybe even help you with actual spammers.If after being warned they keep spamming give them 10minutes minimum to notice the post of they keep it up after that post to my wall of other OSF members or any of our anti spammer guards.A few volleys from them/us usually sorts things out.Remember if you are getting spammed tell us on walls not here.If you would like to help defend this venture but don't want to become an OSF and just wish to let us know you've got our back please post here to be an ASF(antispam forceman....it needs work)if more info needed I'll add on.
  2. Boss,I will join u
  3. You guys are awesome....
  4. Thanks for the support mccc.Also please before any of you people say you are now a secret open farm please have more than 4-5 lvl 1-2 spy guilds up 5lvl2s is borderline also if you can't live without a troop building as an OSF then leave one lvl 1 tier one building up Nothing higher please.Just want to save some grief for those not prepared
  5. Btw please dint waste your spies on us OSF although someone with better spying just stole from me *gasp* lol good thing I have a few mil in allies cash lol.seriously though don't spybomb our income flow with weaker(or stronger spies)otherwise it will be harder to stay open.Pardon these long posts just want to be organized and nip questions and mis-interprets in the bud.
  6. Long but cool
  7. I've attacked you like 20times before xD sorry!!! Anywyas I've maybe attacked mccc 2times in many days xD his defence is so low but.. 200k!!!!
  8. I know I covered what to do if an OSF gets spammed(which will happen a lot) but if a guard gets spammed please stick to typeing to other guards or your own buddies via walls.Also,don't sign up as either a guard or OSF just to hide behind our skirts.
  9. Ig's are debating that we can protect u guys from spammers, but our weak members under 20k stats can hit u more then 5 times a day but our members with over 30k cant attack u guys at all. Also you will protect us from Attackers by assasinating their troops for us. Hows that?
  10. i mean you will protect us from other spys and we protect u guys from attaackers
  11. Only 2 farmers we will protect is Corinthian and mccc...as of right now..
  12. Sounds like a good mutual benefit.Ok remember that whole if a OSF is getting spammed after warning they can post on guards walls to send a few hits??guards can also do the same if spys are hitting them consistantly.however we DO need the name of who it is so GL getting a failed steal from a pure spy but warn them and ask to stop,wait 10 minutes then post on an OSFs wall with details.also,due to a suggestion,people who enlist get 2 more extra attacks per day no more b/c it would be hard to differentiate from spammer and guard after that.because of this benefit,it is IMPERITIVE you all sign on here and perhaps post on your wall stating you are a guard.pardon another long post lol
  13. I will give u a list later of IG's...
  14. See he is cool (u are a he right)
  15. 1ate7
    this is a small list i will give u a better one later
  16. Grumpy says hmmmmmmmmmmm
    I benifited vastly from your generosity
    made a few mistakes early as most noobs do. Thanx for the understanding and warnings that u two have given me.
    As a ig we have your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hmm if you guys need help, I can help attack some people since I'm weak xD (they'll lose slot more troops than me =/ both spywise or attack wise)
  18. The MiLKiN_MaN is in. As a former noob I understand the need to "catch up" to everyone else. So keep it to 5x's so I can play too!!!!!
  19. As always, Im open to farm, just realize that I have a tower up. Still, feel free to attack me 5x a day. Even with a tower, I'm not short of visitor taking their 5 free hits.

    Also, I'm always up for defending everyone from farmers. Just point me in their direction 
  20. We've got your back cor and mccc.
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