OSF help please!

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  1. Hello. I'm trying to become and OSF and I'm using forges to earn money before converting to guilds. Currently i have 15lvl3forges. 108k att stats. I need specific advice(imma noob xP) on when and how should I convert.. Eg: after exploring 200m land
    Also which lvl should I upgrade the guilds to. Thank you for your time.

    -ps: I have read all if not most of the spy guides but I can't seem to find a solution.
  2. Convert to lv3 guilds when you are making 100m+ in a day. Specific enough? ;)
  3. I m making a 100+m a day now. But that's with my forges. Should I convert? And if so, to what extent?
  4. Guilds give high plunder so convert a forge to either a beast or cathedral to make use of osf openings and keep your allies.
  5. Convert after LC or after you buy the 900M land.
  6. After lc. Before is pointless. U won't get into any rpw. (reverse plunder wars) because u are too weak. Then I would get a t3 building or two. An aviary and a summoning circle. Avairy as ucan hit an osf 26 times. Summoning as u get +5% plunder then start converting ur forges to guilds. Max each one out as u go. For more plunder. U need to be doing constant pw wars to getit asap.
  7. Don't get the summoning circle or the aviary. A guild gets more ally cap than a circle and if you are goin to be an osf, you don't want to pay 1.33 bil whenever you go back to hansel. Get a beastiary for the 2 extra attacks.
  8. Start buying landsand putting guilds up Now till you lc and also hit as many pwar as you can to open more lands and upgrade your guilds. Then after you lc start converting the rest one by one till your left with just one attack build left. Now you can drop that building join some pwars
  9. Go forges until next land costs 1.2bill
    Then get around 2-3bill in allies
    Then swap each forge for a lvl3 guild one by one
    Turn last forge into a bestiary
    Get existing guilds to level 4
    By now you may/may not have needed to add a little more in allies to 3-4 bill
    Then you can probably LC in two days if you're on enough

    Try to buy defensive allies(high def stats) since you won't really be attacking people that aren't OSFs

    Make sure you're def pots are well stocked

    You may want to swap the bestiary for an aviary at any time

    You mat also want to get a tier 4 building so you can hit tier 2 OSFs (including SOS or a t4 attack building)
  10. Thanks for all the help!;) I shall lc first then!