OSF abusers

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  1. Just to sum things up no one acts like reborn even if ur 3
  2. I'm pretty sure it was on the "beastyboi must die" thread wherever that went... Cor?
  3. I'll bump it in a sec, trying to keep up with the IG/ET War
  4. xxirishxx has been warned 5 times by seperate OSFs, no punishment yet, but if he does happen to farm any other OSFs, he is already out of warnings...
  5. Hmmm I'm not doing any guard duty till this war is over
  6. Every chance xxirishxx gets to attack me he does
  7. I just warned him again I say sit on him
  8. Sorry deejay not much people can do that right now xD
  9. From now on I will steal my money back from him
  10. Yea I know but it's worth a try
  11. Today alone I've been hit about 30 times by xxirishxx
  12. People I have warned multiple times that keep spamming me daily: edifer (this is the main one, spamming me hourly for days now, I must be the only thing he spends troops on), tippster, and xxirishxx, in that order
  13. Xxirishxx isnmh main issue. He doesn't seem to understand that we do not need to stay open and do so to help other players. With the war going I'm not sure what guards are available so I am no longer offering funds openly as an OSF. if you have need of funds place a request on my wall and I will try to release some for you if I'm around. You can always give xxirishxx a shot as well 
  14. Yaoium I gave him a warning after 15 attacks an he said that I should get a life and he can abuse this all he likes farm him to shreads if u want YAOUIM
  15. Yaoium sorry yaoium I the player
  16. Shadow if he farms u again after I've warned him then he will be taken care of
  17. Read his reply on my wall farm him
  18. Lol im the first official osf abuser 