Orisons of Glory - Part 9

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  1. I wasnt proposing a solution. Just saying i didnt agrre with the hgpothesis that this event was inteneded to "bridge the gap". And your random equations are not interesting.
  2. So for the members that has been playing 4 years plus and spend real cash on growth are being discarded for so called new players to "bridge the gap" from a 20mcs player to a player that is 400mcs and up??? And lets be honest... How long will these so called new players be active compared to a member that has 4 years plus behind him and is still active??? Really this blows... And yes obviously small peeps will be good with this event as they getting everything for free where 80% of the big players use actual real cash to grow.. How fair is that to the big players???
  3. Deal with it. Lol
    I'm glad the gap is being reduced.
  4. Yeah till new lands come out and the gap will increase again ROTGLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not complaining but I think the bottle drops are extremely unbalanced. 80-100 max for lotl/goth is way under what it should b
  6. It's one event of crests to help bridge the gap cos small players already feel alienated lol, too many big players are just getting a taste of what it's like for every1 else for a change n having a sook.
  7. Where do I start with the questions...

    You feel alienated after playing for 3 months?

    Do you think that ATA should allow you to catch someone up who has been playing for 6 years?

    Should ATA not reward loyalty? Over new players? I know when I update my cell phone contract I expect a better deal than a new customer.

    I think ATA was expecting to open a can of worms with this thread. Where are you Charlie?! :-D
  8. lmao sry, but are u aware only noobs think badges mean sumthing when they are aware players can have multiple accts & devices?... been playing 5 years, was a big acct way back & took a few breaks like others, are u saying they should reward u just for opening the game for 6 yrs straight often enough? I'd prefer an even playing field so the ee & pvp systems work better over a few extra building ug's when i'm big enough to make the $ faster than any small acct any day. Also most small accts are alts or returning players anyway so they're mostly rewarding ppl for returning and keeping the game's number of growing accts up to make $ off too rather than just bigs, so it's not like the rewards are just for new players.
  9. Haha your banner caught my eye. Never judge a book by its cover ;-)

    You make a good point on multiple accounts. ATA encouraging faster growing alts = potentially more spending and more profits for ATA, makes sense. I don't think we can generalize and say all new accounts are alts though.

    I also agree bigs will make more plunder (which clearly is a great reward for loyalty)... there is a "but"... I don't think it should be a case of "what update can we do this week to favour the smalls". In my opinion all new features to the game should involve everyone. If new lands come out, a new account will be able to eventually build on it, buildings have reduced in value, plunder has been increased on smaller ebs. Devs aren't leaving new accounts out in the cold. It's when they provide updates like building tokens which large accounts will never actually use, that's what grinds my gears.
  10. All these idiots complaining it's unfair to help smalls but don't realize this games future depends on them...
  11. Have you ever tried growing as a small? 

  12. Everyone was a small at one point obviously 

  13. Exactly

    Also no pvp means im mot even participating
  14. My smallest alt was made 2 yrs ago and even though I play it less than my others it's still BC on the first 4 sets of lands with 17 Osmon open n built on.You can grow your acc's if active and that acc is going spy build,the slowest build.By being active I mean hitting on a consistent basis not once a day and then playing Pokémon or candy crush the rest of the day.
    With all the freebies given to new players n the reduced building costs it's easy to grow if n I say IF you want to grow.
  15. Well I won't be sleeping tonight. No idiots here lol It's perfectly acceptable for people to have different opinions
  16. I really like this update. It makes it much easier if someone wants to change their build. I completely support this update and feel it is a step in the right direction.
  17. Will leftover seeds be refunded for 5 nobs each After Event?

  18. They have in the past, but i havent seen anything to confirm that its the case with this event.
  19. Well my thoughts this event's useless to me obviously coz the tokens only go all the way to Abyss Lands which in my case I'm almost done with and moving on forward to Rai Lands although I guess can only be useful if I ever change my build but I doubt I will anytime soon.

    I guess the only good thing to come out of this one is the extra gold from Silver Bars for upgrades and such.


  20. I think the last one or two times with leftover seeds or whatever, they've been converted into zta circles instead of into straight nobs. I'd assume they'll do something like that again as then folks need to buy more nobs instead of having more gifted to them at end of promo.