Orisons of Glory - Part 9

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  1. I think there was a good point made about new lands possibly popping up in the existing areas.

    Notice the greyed out portions that've been there since the game started?

    Maybe not 50 total in each parcel, but 45 or 48. It's technically a 7x7, and the lowlands have 4 links to other portions of the map. The other 4 have just one link. Thus, 45 and 48.
  2. It's disappointing that the top 500 war level has disappeared. The rewards for top 100 are ridiculously low for the amount of effort it takes to obtain that level. 2 events in a row where warring gets very little rewards
  3. where is top 500 for war?
  4. I note that there are no crest plates for Osman Rai; there should be a conversion system to convert the crest plates up for the next land. I.E. X-many lowland crest plates can be converted into 1 Highland Crest plate and so on, all the way up to converting crest plates for Osman Rai lands, otherwise makes this event a bit redundant for bigger builds who have completed their builds on all the other lands...
  5. Have y'all finally given up on EE wars? Lol
  6. I'd like to ask are the building tokens usable for Build complete people in new lands or is this event a waste of time for BC players
  7. Damn whining noobs
  8. Nice to see building type tokens are part of this event. I won't be able to use these ones at the moment but nonetheless, I know the players who haven't completed up to abyss will appreciate them a lot. With the new land release due soonish, it's a good opportunity for players to grow some more. There's no harm giving them a little bit of a hand given the nearing release of new lands.

    It's not that big of a deal for those of us who can't use them. We get to hit ebs at the upper end of the scale that gives us access to better drops and gold than those smaller than us. Particularly those who are BC. You already make the best gold in KaW (putting you in the best position for the release of the new lands) and benefit from maximum drops for minimal actions. You'll likely hit higher reward tiers too so you'll benefit from more silver bars and better equip etc.

    While I understand it can be frustrating not being able to make use of them, not everything in KaW has to be accessible to everyone at every point in time. You get to reap the benefits of being BC. And you have had plenty of advantages for being BC. Once the new lands come out, they might offer the crests for those ones or for up to OR.

    You never know, the crests might be able to be converted into something else if you can't use them. :) I think someone suggested in one of their responses a certain number of crests could get you an OR token. That could be a good solution.

    Edit: Found it.

  9. There never used to be top 500 war lol
  10. What do you mean?
  11. It used to be just top 100 like this event.
  12. Has no ee.
    Hasn't warred since S6.
    Doesn't know about reward tiers.
  13. Why no crest plates for OR lands? Lame...
  14. I don't get how these tokens work for the lands. How many upgrades does each one give exactly? Before was just 1 token per level, but these give 100
  15. If you go to your buildings and try to ug or buy, you can see how many each level takes. Higher levels take more tokens.
  16. Thank you for increasing war lb rewards. Sorry about my tickets, ignore that lel?
  17. So if tou max build to highest level it will let you by pass this
  18. Will unused seeds be turned back into nobs after the event end?