Orisons of Glory - Part 8

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. The move on tops wasn't because people opting out, there were opted out people in pvp lb so that's why top 100 changed from 200k to 140 in a matter of seconds, because opted out players were being removed
  2. So rather than fixing the problem they had known of for nearly a week or at least notifying people chasing event they chose to do nothing till event ends and now this is why everyone who missed top rewards by a few slots is upset and this is the real reason rewards are delayed
  3. No badges/achievements showing up for this event part
  4. I've done with battle with and find it a joke that I then landed at the other! I want the other reward! What did I use for money? For the half less? I would like to have an answer quickly!
  5. Missing banked favors from total.
  6. I was upset because the rank info was wrong, but it looks like I got the equipment from the next level, so maybe that is their compensation?
  7. Ty ATA for fixing LB, and hope to see another PvP event in the future. Made top 100 without hitting any EBs. The only thing I really didnt like with this event is the 24 hour timer being used to bank items. If you got off sync you end up missing a day, or if you bank after 12pm/whenever event ends you inevitaby miss a day. Not really a big deal but if banking items is going to be a mechanic it should be allowed once per day after a set time not 24 hours after you last did it and tbh for the sake of simpler smoother LB Id not like to see the same banking mechanic used in similar future events.

    Everything else was great, the spells were balanced/creative. The gradating barrier is a very well thought out mechanic/spell.
  8. Not sure how all mine turned from stealable to secure at the end of the event but thanks was suppose to get 3500 silver bars and got 2100 instead what a joke
  9. I'm still waiting on rewards, so much for no longer than an hr
  10. Fun event. Enjoyed the inc from mates I haven't spoken too in a while. Tweaks need to be made before next PvP event (mentioned by many so I will not repeat).

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  11. Still dont have rewards been a very long time
  12. Amazing event devs! To all those who sent Inc thanx for the fun the back and forth was awesome!

    Amazing time yall!
  14. Because you opted out
  15. Welp devs you done it now with the last event try to make us less upset this time thanks
  16. Maybe if you didn't opt out like a fairy, you would have enjoyed the event as intended. Then again, why would anybody expect better pvp rewards than pve on a war game?
  17. How many parts to this series ?