Orisons of Glory - Part 8

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Is the fact that pvp leaderboards don't show names a bug or is that meant to happen? Just wondering Devs.
  2. Usually by design since they could be targeted as having the most items...
  3. So little gripe

    Battlelist stopped being random. Everyone in my range has the exact same names every time at the top

    Have spoken to a lot of people and in our range

    its always TAN_BACON_GRA, Blazey, Sissy-Girl and Chubby__Chaser 24/7 for everyone

    Either battlelist broke or Ata doesn't like Fury!!

  4. Don't forget war kage, Kajen, cheekop, hell-boy, etc.

    I have same battle list as vixen and hasn't changed since this started . I'm pretty sure it's the same for them.
    Please fix ...I have lots of love to share ;)
  5. Oh no wonder they don't pay 
  6. I finally got opted out, and still get steal able favors because the oats are still there.

    Will the stealable favors go towards opted out rewards? I don't have a pvp leaderboard, but have a opt out leaderboard in which I have 0 favors after all this time.
  7. Takes 24 hours for switchover but still not stealable
  8. I have banked 3500 odd favours since opt out, not realising obviously that I don't need to bank em if opted out..is it a lost cause or do i get em back as non-stealable?..anyone!?
  9. You should get them back at the end of the event
  10. Give the guys stuck on bl a break devs except for the fury ones better yet just put maddy as only one on there for everyone
  11. BL is static w/ no random cycling.

    Oh yeah --
  12. Payout mathematics are total BS.
  13. Why do popups for the event KEEP APPEARING?!! Even ones that say "WARNING: PVP IN EFFECT you must opt-out" even though I've been opted-out since *before the event started* like please PLEASE
  14. My issue with the event is that when it started I had my 73yo dad in a serious condition in hospital and I work full time. I had to opt out as I had no time for the event. Now my father is recovering and I have time off work which would enable me to opt in for the last half of the event, but we aren't given that option.
  15. Must be a different way of telling time in Canada. Been way over 24 hours, still not happening.
  16. ATA must have a short memory....2 day wars where abandoned because considert too long.
    Now you come with a 10 day war event....realy...don't ATA learn anything from the past?
    look how many are opting out...and it will get worse toward the end as more will opt out.
    more opt out...less people to hit...more get hit constantly...they also opt out...vicious circle.
    your Anti farming triggering doesn't work eighter...
    this event only flatters the osw players on line 24H a day and 10 days in a row....
    thats impossible for anybody that has a life.

    Very dissapointing event ATA
  17. If opted out why are there still no conversions after 24 hours? It still is listing as stealable?
  18. Please change the 8hr shield spell reset time to once a day instead of every 24 hrs.
  19. Once a day and every 24 hours is same thing :lol: