Orisons of Glory - Part 8

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Why, when i have opted out do my non-stealable items convert into stealable ones???
  2. Deserter will probably get some punishments lol 
  3. I also didnt receive a single item from pvp yet. Neither by stl nor by atk.

    Something needs a fix.
  4. I successful attack/steal more then 80ppl (they finished eb and don't have spell protection on them) and get 0 item's from them.
    More and more ppl will opt out if after 300+ action don't give them items......
  5. [​IMG]

    just putting this here for those that can't read ;)
  6. Opted out too soon didn't give it a chance nevermind I'll know next time
  7. I just started getting items from stealing others and I noticed that my PvP spell from the last event expired. Before that, I easily used 80-100 steals on different people with no drops
  8. Thats interesting. I also still have that spell.
  9. 90+ ppl attacked no single drop from them..... Different ppl who finished eb no spell protection o them
  10. I bet you'll get drops once your last PvP spell drops ;)
  11. It means that I can collect items from ppl in next 3 days?
    My orange spell on me for next 3 days!!!!!!
  12. Not sure if it's actually the case because I think someone on this thread said they lost items while having the spell. I'd send feedback and try one of the bonus spells to see if that works tbh
  13. I converted 2k of my stealable items into stored Ines, but i am Not opted in...Will they be converted Back at end of Event?
  14. This
  15. Favors should opt you in. Not automatically be opted in. Its a waste hitting people that drop nothing. The amount of troops you lose per hit is already a lot more than if you hit an eb to begin with
  16. The shield is good but does not stop gold being stolen. People don't check you have the shield before they hit.
  17. I had the seem question. I banked 2K, but opted out of PvP.
    So where does the 2K banked "stealable" items go?
  18. I'm getting little to no drops from anyone I'm hitting
  19. Are oath boxes only able to be opened by opted in players?
  20. This is a great step in the right direction but it is too clunky and for a "pvp event" its still much more profitable to run goth/sit in a hte clan those two options are so much better for event items then actually hitting people. In a pvp event pvp should be primary and ebs should be secondary.