Orisons of Glory - Part 8

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  1. Simple question. How do I know who is opted in and who is opted out? Will the battle list work the same way that it does in PvP? If so I'm all for this event, although I agree the instructions are kinda wordy. I hope it works.
  2. Opted out players won't show on the battle list.
    They'll also have a spell showing on their profile (same one you can see in the Alchemist) and have a slightly offwhite/grey name.
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    Oh, and if it does work as in PvP, how do we distinguish legitimate targets when the weekend PvP is running.
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    Sorry I should have made my concern clearer in my last post.

    What I should have said is, technically speaking if you can opt out of the main event but you can still opt into the weekend PvP, then how do we quickly distinguish the right targets. Will
    An icon appear next to the name on the battle list or do I actually have to open the players profile page to see it. They way I might do in PvP if I was checking for a sword to steal etc.

    The latter would get a bit laborious don't you think?
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    Sorry for the confusion, as this whole event has a PvP basis there is no weekend Blitz. The post has been updated.
  6. What is gradating barrier? I see it on profiles. I may have missed it when reading.
  7. Aren't you going to pump-up the stats of equipment rewards? Coz, yaknaw, fancy graphics must have fancy numbers ;) like glittering treasures or costumes. :D
  8. Alright so all it costs me is 5k gold and nothing else to bank 500 items?
  9. Wow! Looks good.
  10. Love this event. Great job devs!
  11. You can only do it so many times per day.
  12. Devs people are telling me I'm opt out when they hit me and I have blasted a noob named Vlad and have not received one drop yet?
  13. How come there are no prolific plunder spells for 80k and 120k stealable favors?
  14. Just a mistake. Devs will probably fix it before the end of the event.

  15. Maybe vlad has no favours.
  16. Why do the PvP drops suck so badly?

  17. Because no one has favours yet.
  18. The LB clans definitely do and they've paid exactly zero