Orisons of Glory - Part 8

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  1. it's not same.

    once a day means u can cast at Tuesday 10:00pm to sleep then cast at Wednesday 9:00pm again

    every 24 hrs mean u have to wait till Wednesday 10pm to cast again, if u have real life issue before 10pm, then the next 8 hours, u'll be bleeding...
  2. I love hitting someone in the BL that says "Good Reward", then receiving 3 items.

    It's even cooler when I get hit and loose 2000 items per hit. Next level awesome.

    LOL at the back room gaggle of geniuses at ATA that worked up that math.

    (slow clapping)
  3. Don't know if this been bought up but when going through profiles these new spells all look very similar .. maybe making the colours on spell more different so it's easier to tell the difference between them
  4. Even better is if we can click on the spells ppl have cast to see which one is they are. Thx
  5. Why is it now well over 24 hours and no conversion?
  7. I lost even 4k once by a single Hit. Hitting that player back gave me 3 items.

    I first thought this event was a cool idea.
    I fear the balancing needs a fix though.
  8. How many you lose is proportional to how many you have out. If you have lots you lose lots. If you have hardly any, you lose hardly any. Honestly it makes a lot of sense. That's exactly how gold loss has always worked, although for favors the amount the other person gains is the same as what you lose, instead of static plunder.
  9. Solely based on my own experience I do not believe that is correct. I've lost many thousands to someone hitting me (call it 25% of my outstanding amount) but I hit back and get 50. Even if what they stole from me was all they had, I should have made more than 50. There is something more at work as to the payout for hitting than simply how many you have out.

    Not to repeat an oft repeated refrain, but I do notice that spy-heavy builds seem to make a whole lot more than (at least this) attack heavy build.
  10. Relative build size also plays a role, like it always does. If you're hitting someone smaller, you'll take less.
  11. No mith rewards for people who stay opted in?
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    This is definitely not the case.

    The amount of items you get seems to depend a LOT on the cs-size atker and defender has.

    When i had 16k items out i got atked by an acc 1/4 my size and lost 4.1k ~25%.

    When i Hit back immediately i gained 3 items. Thats less than 0.1% of the Minimum of 4.1k items that acc MUST had have. He probably had Even far more.

    Even with the loss-decreasing spells this looks weird to me.

    I hope there will be fixed something.
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  14. It's been almost 42 hours after I opted-out and the stealable items have not converted yet?
  15. \
    I had a same issue, sent feedback, and was informed they will run a script to fix it, so keep on trucking all will be sorted.

    would be better if they tested before rolling out but hey it is what it is.
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    Id love to see a ss of you losing 4k items, that's total bs
  17. Anyone else notice this?

    A hansel runs nearly a full bar of steals on an attack build - but no protection spell snaps into place for the attack build. In returning fire, after the first attack on the hansel the protection spell pops into place limiting the favors taken.

    Is this just my experience or is it the way the spell is programmed to work?
  18. From experience, I think the protection spell is cast when the action takes something from the target.
  19. Not in my experience. Just now exchanged fire and I lost favors, but still no protection spell.
  20. Fix BL please. I wanna see active players on there, not same names 24/7, especially when many of them are my clannies lol Refresh button doesn't work at all. I know I'm on BL 24/7 for those around my size. Devs must be hating Fury