Orisons of Glory: Part 7

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Being taken care of now. Give it a few minutes to update.
  2. zta promo please :eek:
  3. "Force Stones MUST be used before April 7th, 2017."
    Yet all the stuff to use them is gone now when I log in?
  4. Fixing those too!
  5. Lmao never dull in KAW. Devs always find a way to yank a chin of the players
  6. Makes us stay on our toes 
  7. Also...no ZTA...yet...just to add to the list guys...
  8. You can also add a small little promo if you want just to pass the time
  9. Can I just get a refund for the stones? I never opened mine nor do I want to open them.
  10. Outrage!!

    Please give me 1k nobs and 345 xtals as compensation!!!
  11. Only if Grant can use your account 18 hours a day . Grant want to try Lords RP

  12. Seriously, zta promo? :lol:
  13. Sure do a Aqua/Inferno short event to help
    Ppl do upgrades and give others a breather before the next event. War event hopefully
  14. What do we do use the opal of truimph and opal of conflict for ?
  15. This.
  16. that was probably the April fools joke.
    Sharknado > ZTA
  17. I'd really like a new event... C'mon devs.
  18. No this is good a break from waisting so much money and xtals and seals
  19. Jokes on you new event starts tomorrow.